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How to Keep Your Home Warm in the Winter With Insulation

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on January 07, 2022

The winter can be a costly time of year for homeowners. But keeping your home cozy with spray foam insulation can reduce your costs for wood, oil, gas, and electricity and lower your monthly utility bills. At EcoStar Insulation, homeowners often express skepticism that this one product can help...


Adding Blown-In Attic Insulation Can Save You Money

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on January 03, 2022

Whether you are a homeowner or the owner of an apartment, you can benefit from attic blown in insulation. While spray foam insulation is the more popular option, there is still a good reason to consider blown-in insulation. Let’s explore how easy it is to install attic insulation in Toronto...


Avoid Ice Dams Forming On Your Roof With Spray Foam Insulation

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on December 23, 2021

There are ways to prevent Ice Dams from forming on your roof for this winter season. If you have a sloped rooftop that has a layer of snow on it then you would want to consider installing spray foam insulation on your roof in order to protect your roof from Icy Dam. Spray foam insulation services...


Health Benefits From Upgrading Your Home Insulation

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on December 20, 2021

Insulation is a very important component of your home’s construction. It can help prevent heat from leaving your home throughout the winter, and help prevent the heat from entering your home during the summer. Keeping your home warmer during the colder seasons will also reduce your energy...


What is the Best Type of Roofing Insulation?

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on December 15, 2021

The most popular type of roofing insulation right now is spray foam insulation in Mississauga.  This lightweight, quick-to-install, and highly energy-efficient insulation is one of EcoStar Insulation’s most sought-after products this winter. Roofing spray foam is flexible and can be...

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