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At EcoStar, we stand behind our products and installations without fail, and we want our customers to be 100% satisfied. We are providing the following information to ensure that you will be prepared to welcome our insulation team. Please pay attention to the sections below that apply to your installation. You can address any questions you have to our Customer Care Department at 1866-789-1536.

Please note: Credit Card payments are subject to an additional, non-refundable 2% convenience fee.

In General

EcoStar Insulation warrants that all insulation installed to open visible spaces in new and restoration construction projects are to R-values shown in our proposals only. Warranty does not extend to completed interior and exterior surfaces.

Structural and aesthetic installations,e.g. exposed or non-insulated valley rafters, wood or steel beams, headers, ladder framing, pot lights, or blocked soffits that prohibit us from installing our products to maintain specified or Ontario Building Code insulation/air barrier/vapour requirements, or designed/built-in thermal bridges are not the responsibility of this contractor.

Per CAN/ULC S705.2 (application standard for spray-applied polyurethane foam referenced in the Ontario Building Code), it is recommended that the client provides the means to realize 0.3 air changes per hour in the area being insulated, for a period of 24hrs. It is advised that humans and pets should vacate the property during the installation of SPUF and also for another 24 hours after the job is done. If anybody in the house has any breathing problems, allergies or sensibility to strong odours (spray polyurethane foam has an odour during curing) it is advisable for them to be out of the property during installation. It is advisable to make alternate care arrangements for children for the day. If you have any birds or animals in the house, please have them in an area where the installers will not have to worry about them getting outside or being exposed to the insulation material while it is being installed.

Production vehicles can be anything from a pick-up truck to a 5-ton truck. We don't usually park in the driveway (just in cases when access dictates such) and will require parking our vehicle directly in front of your house (within 100' max). Ensure that there's enough space for the truck to park.

Preparation instructions require to clear all things from the area to be insulated. Items that are not removed from the work’s area before the arrival of the team and require to be removed by our crew will incur a standby charge for the truck of $200.00 per hour. We are not responsible for any damage caused when moving a client's possessions. Furthermore, EcoStar Insulation will not be responsible for any damage that comes from removing/moving/working around moveable ceiling tiles or outside siding.

We are not responsible for the disconnecting or reconnecting of any food storage device like fridge or freezer. Clients are solely responsible to ensure said devices are operational all the time.

We require 48 hours notice for any change in the schedule or a $300 surcharge will apply. Some applications are weather dependent and EcoStar Insulation will not be responsible or liable to any other trades that might be scheduled if the weather does not permit us to install.  This will be at EcoStar’s Insulation discretion. We will make every attempt to reschedule the job as quickly as possible.

EcoStar Insulation cannot determine an exact time that work will commence or finish. As such EcoStar Insulation is unable to provide any credits pertaining to work delay. Similarly, EcoStar Insulation is unable to provide any credits pertaining to any cost(s) of time spent outside of the job site/project.

A $50 charge will be applied to a customer's account for each NSF (non-sufficient funds) occurrence.

Client satisfaction is our goal.  If a client has any issues with the service offered by our quality of work, you must make your claim within 30 days for which the claim is being made. Payment in full is necessary in order to initiate all EcoStar Insulation warranties. Warranties and guarantees are non-transferable.

EcoStar  Insulation will not be responsible for any secondary or consequential damage, normal wear and tear, damage from defects in the design of the building, damage arising from the pre-existing condition of the building, damage arising from improper maintenance, inadequate ventilation, pre-existing moisture issues, and alterations, deletions or additions made by the client or third parties under this agreement or any warranties.

In any event, EcoStar’s Insulation liability is limited to the amount paid to EcoStar Insulation under the contract for the project contract cost of the job being performed and cannot exceed the cost of the payment for the work.

In events of bad weather conditions, and other unforeseen circumstances, EcoStar Insulation and all affiliate companies will not be held for the delay, or failure to meet project schedules. Bad weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances include but are not limited to:

●     Closed, or unsafe road conditions

●     Restraints or requirements from any Government Agency

●     Binding orders of the Courts

●     Forces of nature

If at any time during the deployment of Eco Star’s Insulation workforces the employee delivering the products to the job site deems it insecure to continue, they shall inform the place of work that the conditions aren’t safe, and the schedule will be adjusted accordingly. EcoStar Insulation and its affiliates will not be held liable for damages, extra costs, delayed schedules, incomplete areas of work, or delay in other trade contractor's work as a result of these conditions. Please contact Customer Service or your Sales Representative to get informed or to discuss the possibility of inclement weather.

Due to the nature of framing, construct practices, and the sequencing of installation at that then limits/restricts routing of but not limited to furnace supply and return air ducting, HRV/ERV ducting, over-range and bathroom ventilation ducting etc. that cause or may cause limited access that prevents successful installation of insulation designed to thermally protect the operation of devices and/or protect the integrity of the building envelope, EcoStar Insulation takes exception to fault/blame and therefore cannot be held culpable for performance failures caused by incomplete/missing/failed installation of quoted insulation normally designed to protect these devices or building envelope, in areas that do not provide unobstructed access to correctly install.

Attics (Blown Fibres)

We require clear access to the attic door. If attic doors are in a closet all items must be removed from the closet, like clothing, shoes, and any shelving which may be in the way temporarily removed. All items which may be stored inside attic space must also be temporarily removed.

 For attic removals, like vacuum removal of existing insulation, ensure that all items within the room containing the attic door are covered with poly sheeting/tarping. Dust fallout is inevitable during the insulating process and removal operations.  Please prepare yourself for some minor dusting for a few days after the installation of insulation.
If vermiculite presence is detected, EcoStar Insulation will not proceed with any work until asbestos testing has been completed and the vermiculite does not exceed the permissible concentration of asbestos fibres, as decided by O.Reg 278/05.

Spray Polyurethane Foam

We require a minimum of 3-4 feet clear access for our technicians from the surface to be insulated. All the other items left in the room must be covered with poly or tarp to protect them from overspray. If possible, isolate the area/room to be insulated and close off all vents to prevent migration of odour or mist.

Crawlspaces must be clear of all debris and stored items for our installers to access areas of work. We require a minimum of 3-4 feet access from the wall and a minimum 3 feet clearance for the underside of the floor joist to the floor of the crawlspace. A residual odour from the insulation process will dissipate within 24 hours so please ensure that adequate ventilation is provided when necessary.
The installation of spray foam insulation requires a fire protective thermal barrier and mustn't be left exposed. This has not been accounted for unless otherwise noted.

All sprayed polyurethane foam is subject to a tolerance of +/- 1/4 inch (one-quarter of an inch) irrespective of how the quote/contract/work order/purchase arrange was/is presented (e.g. R-Value, U-Value, mm, inches, etc).

Effective January 1, 2021, any & all insulating materials (including spray-applied polyurethane foam & rigid foam insulations) that contain hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) blowing agents will be prohibited (where the global warming potential is greater than 150) due to Environment & Climate Change Canada’s commitment to align with the United Nations Kigali Amendment of the Montreal Protocol.  Post-January 1, 2021 all affected insulations will require the use of hydrofluoro-olefin (HFO) blowing agents.  Please be aware that EcoStar Insulation will provide an updated/revised quote for spray-applied foam insulation to be installed after January 1, 2021, if a quote was previously issued utilizing product with HFC blowing agents. Existing quotations/work for the supply and installation of HFC-based products after January 1, 2021, will not be honoured (by law), regardless of the state of the job/project.

Thermal Barrier

We require clear access within 100' of equipment to a hose bib (municipal water hook up). Equipment must be able to park within 50' of the building. Ventilation or dehumidification should be provided in the work’s area until the product is dry. Thermal Barrier applications can be weather dependent; freezing temperatures may require special installation trucks or a work area with temporary heat. Provide temporary heat to the installation area to prevent freezing of product prior to its final drying. Drying time will vary with temperature and humidity.

Delay Clause

Neither EcoStar Insulation nor its Affiliate Companies, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees or agents are responsible or liable for any failure to perform its obligations under this contract if it is prevented or delayed in performing those obligations by an event of Force Majeure or any event that could not be reasonably foreseeable. These events include but are not limited to:

●     Acts of God

●     Expropriation of any facilities or equipment

●     Changes in the federal or provincial law

●     War, riot or act of terror

●     Rebellion

●     Unusually severe weather or natural disaster

●     Fires, explosion or other catastrophic events

●     Strikes, lockouts or other employee acts

●     Quarantine, both recommended self-isolation or orders from the applicable Public Health

●     Disruptions to the Supply Chain due to Government shutdowns: including but not limited to Province, National, or Global declared epidemics/pandemics

●     Any Province-wide state of emergency, including but not limited to Province, National, or Global declared epidemics/pandemics

●     Mandatory Government Shutdown

All schedules in regards to any delays will be openly communicated once the work is able to continue. Continuance of the work is fully dependent on the cause for the delay, and shall be subject to federal or provincial government and agency recommendations, as well as Supply Chain ability to continue supply.

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