Building Science

What Is A Green Building?

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on February 14, 2020

This blog is part three of the "2020 Green Building Movement Ontario” series. A building that eliminates negative impacts, and can create positive impacts on our climate and natural environment, is also called a “green building”. A green building preserves natural...


The building sector and climate change

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on January 31, 2020

This blog is part two of the  "2020 Green Building Movement Ontario” series we will be releasing in the next two months. Ontario's Contribution To Climate Change. We can say that Ontario is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, but why? Nowadays, Ontario is...


Ontario Home Insulation

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on December 15, 2019

Adding home insulation in Ontario is more than necessary but quality insulation, just like most things, may come at a cost. Through experience we can say that most homeowners tend to choose quality products when investing in their buildings. Between various home insulation choices, you will find...


Cementitious Fireproofing

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on September 30, 2019

What is fireproofing? Fireproofing is now a requirement for multi-family properties and commercial buildings. Even in cases where the building is built from metal, fireproofing should not be ignored. It will keep you safe in case of fire and it serves as a coat to prevent electrical circuits from...


The Importance of Insulation R Values

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on June 30, 2019

In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of R value. You may not be familiar with the topic so let's start with some basics first. What Is Insulation? Insulation is an important factor that makes your home comfortable and energy efficient. Insulation is also called the...


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