Climate Change Action Plan in Ontario 2020

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on June 15, 2020

What is climate change?

Climate change is a change in the pattern of weather and related changes in land surfaces, oceans and ice sheets, occurring over decades or longer. Climate change is a change in the statistical properties which include averages, variability and extremes. Climate change may be due to natural processes, such as volcanoes or internal variability in climate change, changes in the Sun’s radiation or due to human influences. The Ontario climate change action plan aims to lower the emissions and help save the environment.

Climate change impacts

  • Climate change impacts your weather - by the end of 2050, our average temperatures are projected to rise by about 2.5-3.7°C.

  • Climate change impacts your food and drink - extreme weather damages our crops and makes food more expensive.

  • Climate change impacts your home - climate change leads to extreme water events such as flooding.

  • Climate change impacts your hobbies - Warming streams and lakes could result in the loss of many coldwater fish.

How is Ontario addressing climate change?

Ontario has made significant progress in addressing climate change. Ontario’s total greenhouse emissions have dropped by 22% since 2005. Ontario will continue to drop the percentage even though the rest of Canada saw emissions increase by 3% during that same time. 

Ontario has a climate change action plan which is a five year plan that will help Ontario fight climate change over the long term. Climate change has damaged the environment and people and businesses have already felt the effects and paying the price. Ontario will help make the difference that must be made by reducing pollution and growing the low-carbon economy. Ontario is also pushing builders in using more eco-friendly products such as spray foam insulation in the insulation process.

By following the climate change action plan, Ontario can deliver the next generation of clean technology solutions that will help the world mitigate and adapt to climate change. Ontario will be well-positioned to export low-carbon goods and services to markets around the globe. This action plans to create jobs. Climate change action plan will help provide business certainty and a stable investment climate, promote innovation and improve productivity. Ontario will collaborate with people, businesses, industries, municipalities, environmental organizations and other partners to build a greener future. 

Go Green

Go Green: Ontario’s action plan on climate change also includes some of the most comprehensive, forward looking steps on the environment that Ontario has ever contemplated. Ontario is setting firm targets and goals that will meet together for the present and the future too. One of Go Green's plan goals is to improve the way we live and travel in central and southern Ontario, the way we light and heat our houses, and also the way we encourage and support industries and businesses that think green.

Through the Go Green plan your government is making green choices. This plan will also make everyone think and make greener choices that will save money and help the economy. Go Green is a five-point action plan:

Green Targets - There are short-, medium- and long-term targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions which start from now and continue through mid-century. 

MoveOntario 2020 - A $17.5 billion plan is being launched which includes 52 rapid transit projects in the GTA and Hamilton, the country’s largest urban area. 

Creating Jobs by Going Green - It is an $650 million program which will secure the next generation of high-paying jobs for Ontarians by supporting businesses commercial development, use and sale of green and clean technologies and businesses in Ontario.

Green Power - A $150 million investment will help homeowners giht climate change, adopt green technologies and conserve energy. In addition to a world leading standard offer for renewable energy, long-term targets have been set to double the amount of electricity from renewable sources by 2025.

Ontario’s action plan on climate change sets realistic and ambitious targets

  • Reducing Ontario’s greenhouse gas emissions to 6 percent below 1990 levels by 2014 - a reduction of 61 megatonnes relative to business-as-usual.

  • By 2020 Ontario will reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 15 percent below 1990 levels.

  • By 2050 the greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced to 80 per cent below 1990 levels.

These targets won’t be easy to achieve, but they are achievable. 

Spray Foam Insulation Impact

Spray foam insulation has become a very popular product for insulating homes, especially difficult-to-insulate spaces like basements. Spray foam is an effective insulator, because not only does it have a high insulating value but it also conforms to rough surfaces and stops air leakage.

Spray polyurethane foam insulation is an effective product solution that can reduce the carbon footprint of existing homes and increase the energy efficiency of buildings. Spray foam insulation will seal cracks and gaps in walls and roofs, doing so it will help increase the energy efficiency and minimizing energy loss. Spray foam is an eco-friendly insulation product which is sprayed with water and not fluorocarbons that damage the ozone layer.

Environment Friendly:

  • Environmentally friendly insulation made from recycled soya and plastic. 

  • With one ecological insulation material you get more than 2 essential properties for a high efficiency building envelope in a single material application.

  • Consequently, you reduce the cost of the project as well as the energy consumption.

By investing in proper insulation for your home, you are starting your eco-friendly journey. You are lowering your energy consumption, in return you are lowering your negative environmental impact. Spray foam insulation is beneficial as long as you prioritize quality and have to be careful because you could end up with a product that has high global warming potential or poor installation repercussions.

Why Ecostar?

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