Ontario Rebate Programs in 2021

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on March 30, 2021

Rebate Programs in Ontario are some ambitious campaigns, undertaken by giant energy providers and the government itself, to push Ontarian homeowners to start implementing energy-efficient practices and gadgets to their living and storage spaces. If you qualify and meet the criteria set by these Ontario Rebate Programs, you might receive up to $ 5000 in rebates. 


Focused on energy efficiency as the main process to lower the Carbon Footprint, rebate programs in Ontario finance:

  • Home insulation and Airtightness 

  • Improved doors and windows

  • Energy-Efficient boilers and furnaces

  • HVAC systems, and more


Rebate Programs in Ontario in 2021

  1. Home Efficiency Rebate program in Ontario (HER)
  2. Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)
  3. GreenON Window Ontario Rebate Program
  4. CMHC Green Home Rebates


Home Efficiency Rebate program in Ontario (HER)


Home Efficiency Rebate Program (HER) is an initiative undertaken by Enbridge Gas to create the opportunity for Ontarian homeowners to get closer to energy-efficient gadgets such as qualified doors, windows and skylights, home insulation, energy-efficient boilers, and furnaces. If you, as an Ontarian homeowner meet the criteria set below by Enbridge Gas, you may be eligible to receive up to $5000 in rebates.


Rebate Program Requirements

  • Enbridge Gas or Union Gas consumer

  • Owners of a detached, semi-detached, townhouse or mobile home

  • Complete at least 2 eligible home improvements


How to apply for the Home Efficiency Rebate program in Ontario

  1. Contact a Service Provider registered as an approved Energy Advisor to conduct a pre-renovation audit.
  2. Choose at least two or more home improvements that your living and storage space needs the most.
  3. Hire a professional insulation crew to complete the chosen renovations. Keep the receipts and let Energy Advisors have a post-renovation audit within 120 days from the pre-renovation audit.
  4. Submit the required paperwork and expect the receive the rebate cheque within 60 days.  


Click here for more information about Home Efficiency Rebate Program (HER).

Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)


Same as Home Efficiency Rebates (HER), Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) is a connecting bridge that brings Ontarian homeowners closer to energy efficient practices and gadgets as well. Offered by the City of Toronto, Home Energy Loan Program provides up to 5% of your CVA (property value) to use for home improvements that can reduce your monthly utility bills and eventually lower the negative impact of energy use on the environment.


Rebate Program Requirements

  • Owners of a detached, semi-detached, or row house.

  • Written consent from the mortgagor (if applicable).

  • All property owners must be knowledgeable and agree about entering into an agreement with the City of Toronto to receive a low-interest loan needed for home improvement only.

  • Property taxes & utility payments to the City of Toronto are liquidated.


How to apply for Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)


  1. The application process starts with a complete Pre-Application Form. After taken under review from the City of Toronto and your eligibility is confirmed, you get to know the maximum amount of funding available for your case.
  2. After conducting a basement-to-attic home energy assessment from an authorized and Certified Energy Advisor, only then you can submit a Funding Request Form with the list of intended improvements.
  3. As soon as the City of Toronto has approved your funding, you can start the renovations with an initial disbursement of 10% from the approved funding. The complete disbursement cheque will be sent within days as soon as the Home Energy improvements are successfully completed and reviewed by an authorized Energy Advisor.


Click here for more information about Home Energy Loan Program (HELP).


GreenON Window Ontario Rebate Program


GreenON is one of the few Ontario Rebate programs that provide rebates for replacing your old windows, doors, and skylight with new, energy-efficient, and qualifying doors and windows. GreenON Window Rebate Program in Ontario is part of the campaign Ontario Climate Change Action Plan has undertaken to help Ontarian homeowners save money on utility bills and increase their home value. 


Rebate Program Requirements

  • Including installation, new windows must cost at least $500 each and have to be listed on the Natural Resources Canada website.

  • Installation contractors must be GreenON Contractor approved and own the Window Wise Certification. 

  • Detached, Semi-detached, and freehold townhomes will meet the criteria.

  • Only windows equipped with Energy Star Most Efficient 2018 badge will qualify.


How to apply for GreenON Window Rebate Program


  1. Take pictures of your old windows.
  2. Hire an authorized and approved window installation crew.
  3. Take pictures of your new windows.
  4. Fill out the rebate application and submit it at the GreenON Window Rebate site.
  5. Expect to receive the rebate cheque from the Government of Ontario.


Click here for more information about GreenON Window Rebate Program.


CMHC Green Home Rebates


CMHC Green Home is a Canada-wide rebate program valid in 2021. If you qualify, you can get up to 25% of your mortgage loan insurance as a refund for energy-efficient practices like home insulation. The rebates are available under the leverage of CMHC financing and the exact amount is defined by the final result of your energy-efficiency project. 


Click here for more information about CMHC Green Home Rebates.


Ontario Affordability Fund 

As of July 31st, 2020, Ontario Affordability Fund stopped receiving new applications and is no longer part of Ontario rebate programs in 2021. Rebates related to home improvement and energy-efficient practices were powered by the Government of Ontario to help homeowners lower their monthly energy bills and eventually, reduce the Carbon Footprint. There is no given information about the re-opening of the program or if it is canceled for good. 


Click here for more information about the status of applications before July 31st, 2020.


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