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Posted by Ecostar Insulation on December 30, 2020

1. GreenON window rebate

Funded from proceeds through Ontario’s carbon market, the GreenON Window Rebate Program is part of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan. The main goal of this Ontario window rebate program is to improve energy efficiency by helping all homeowners to replace existing windows with better and highly-energy efficient windows. If you are an Ontarian homeowner you might potentially receive up to $5000 in government rebates through the Green Ontario Fund. This is a great opportunity for all Ontarians to increase their home value and save money on energy bills with energy efficient windows. Well, to be eligible and qualify for the GreenON Window Rebate program you must complete some requirements first. Check them below.

GreenON Window Rebate Criteria 

  • Each of the new windows must cost at least $500 or more (Installation included).

  • New construction buildings are not eligible for the GreenON Window Rebate program.

  • New windows must be listed on the Natural Recourses Canada website.

  • Windows must have the Energy Star Most Efficient 2018 badge to qualify.

  • The installation contractors that will perform the work must be GreenON Contractor approved and have the Window Wise Certification training completed.

  • Will meet the criteria only the replaced windows in a home including here: a dwelling that is semi-detached, detached, and\or freehold town homes. 

  • You will not receive rebates for windows that have enrolled in another Ontario window rebate program like Union Gas or Enbridge. It is acceptable if you as a homeowner have already obtained rebates for other windows.

How to apply for the GreenON Window Rebate program

  1. Take pictures of your old windows before replacing them.
  2. Contact an authorized energy-efficient window installation crew.
  3. Take pictures of the newly installed windows.
  4. Fill out and submit the rebate application GreenON window rebate website.
  5. Receive the rebate cheque by mail from the Government of Ontario.

2. Home Efficiency Rebate (HER)

The Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Program (HER) provides a $5000 stimulus for upgrading your home to a more energy efficient living space. The rebates are distributed for energy efficient upgrades like Insulation systems, HVAC systems, and energy efficient doors, windows, skylights, boiler, and furnace. The intention of (HER) as all Ontario Window Rebate programs is to lower the Carbon Footprint by guiding Ontarian homeowners to more energy efficient practices. The Home Efficiency Rebate (HER) is now reopened after 3-month closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic and all Ontarian Homeowners can apply immediately. Expect to get up to $40 per each rough window opening that is replaced with an energy-efficient ENERGY STAR type. As you may know, when it comes to rebate programs, there are a few criteria that must be met to qualify.

Read on…

Home Efficiency Rebate Criteria

  • Only Enbridge or Union Gas consumers can qualify.

  • You must complete at least two eligible home efficiency upgrades to profit rebates.

  • You must be the owner of a townhouse, mobile home, detached or semi-detached home.

How does Home Efficiency Rebate work?

1. Ontarian homeowners must addend one energy-efficiency audit before renovations and another after the renovations are completed.

2. The audits must be done only by approved Service Providers with registered energy advisors.

3. Choose the energy-efficiency improvements and hire a professional crew to complete the chosen renovations.

4. After the work is completed, let the energy advisor know so they can have the post-renovation audit within 4 months of your primary energy audit.

5. Keep the receipts and submit all the necessary paperwork. 

6. Expect to get the rebate cheque within 60 days. 

Home Insulation rebates from HER

Focused on energy efficiency, the Home Efficiency Rebate program stimulates homeowners of Ontario and the suburban provinces to upgrade their home insulation to another level. The above-mentioned requirements stand for the insulation system upgrades too. 


Basement Insulation

Up to $2000 for insulating all crawl space walls and the floor above the crawl space floor.


Attic Insulation

Up to $1300 for attic insulation improvements like upgrading attic insulation up to R-60 & flat roof insulation by R-14


Exterior Wall Insulation

Up to $3,000 for adding insulation with at least R-20 value to 100% of the building.



Up to $300 if you add at least 10% to the air sealing base target.


Extra Rebates

Up to $750 in bonuses if you complete five home improvements.


3. Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)

Home Energy Loan Program is a loan program brought to the Ontarian homeowners by the City of Toronto. Focused on energy efficiency practices, the program motivates homeowners of all calibers to apply cost-effective improvements like home insulation upgrades or replacing an old furnace. Expect to receive up to 5% of your property’s Current Value Assessment (CVA) to employ for home energy-efficient gadgets and systems. Compared to other loan financing institutions, HELP provides the lowest interest rates and the longest repayments terms.

 Home Energy Loan Program is applicable for:

x Energy efficient doors and windows.

x Home insulation improvement (air sealing, caulking, weather stripping, basement, attic, exterior walls)

x Replacing your old furnace/boilers/central AC units with better high-efficiency models.

x Installation of a water-efficient toilet.

x Water-saving technologies and equipment.


How to qualify for the Home Energy Loan Program?

You may be eligible for a low-interest loan from HELP if:

x If you own a row house, detached home, or semi-detached home.

x If all property owners consent to the loan. 

x If your utility/tax payments to the City of Toronto are in good standing.

x If you reach a written agreement from your mortgagor (if any).

Click this link to learn more about the Home Energy Loan Program and the five simple steps of application, or contact our team of professionals and learn more about Rebate Programs in Ontario and suburban provinces.

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