Attic Insulation in Vaughan

Installing new attic insulation in Vaughan can make a huge difference on your indoor comfort all year round. At EcoStar Insulation, we specialize in spray foam and blown-in insulation for attics, two products that give you better efficiency, protection from common insulation problems, and greater comfort in your home. The attic can be easily forgotten and underused, but its great surface area has an enormous unseen effect on your daily living.

attic insulation in VaughanEnergy Efficiency is Directly Related to Your Attic

While your attic is unlikely to be a space you use daily, it may be drawing on the heating and cooling resources in other rooms. Just like wearing a hat in the winter keeps us warmer, keeping the top of your home well insulated may be the difference between between comfortable or not indoors. Most homes leak the most air through cracks or gaps in their building envelope - and because heat rises, this may leave ground or upper floor rooms cold and drafty, or in the summer, hot and humid. The best antidote to most mysterious breezes or temperature differences is insulating your attic with spray foam.

Spray foam is one of the top products currently on the market, known throughout the industry for its exceptional insulating capabilities, ability to seal against moisture and pests, and insulate agains sound. A leaky attic can become a huge draw on a home’s energy resources and literally drain money from your pocket via your utilities bill, so installing new attic insulation in Vaughan can ensure that this problem stops.

Spray Foam Insulation for Vaughan Attics

At EcoStar Insulation, we recommend spray foam insulation as attic insulation in Vaughan homes because it brings so much more than a high R-Value, the term used to measure a material’s ability to conduct heat. As one of the top rated products on the market, spray foam outperforms all the competition when it comes to protecting you from the changing outdoor elements and keeping your home comfortable.

Spray foam is a product that must be installed by professionals - it arrives as a liquid that is carefully applied with specialized tools and by trained technicians. Installing new attic insulation in Vaughan often brings immediate relief from drafts or hot spots, and many customers report increased savings on their utilities. While the upfront costs of spray foam are higher than traditional insulations, the long-term benefits in energy efficiency help pay down much of the original expenses.

Long-Term Benefits and Bonuses of Spray Foam

We recommend spray foam for attic insulation in Vaughan because it keeps you and your family comfortable, but it also has a number of benefits beyond insulation that increase your home’s value in the long run. As it cures, spray foam hardens and forms a barrier around your home that reduces the need for a separate moisture barrier. Because it foams on contact, it fits better into smaller spaces that traditional insulation struggles with, sliding around curves with ease. Spray foam is also an excellent idea for attic insulation in Vaughan because it also stops hidden moisture from coming into your attic, and over the long term, these benefits can make a huge difference on home maintenance bills.

Replacing your attic insulation in Vaughan

Replacing your attic insulation in Vaughan can help your home remain in good repair, save you money on your energy bills, and bring greater comfort indoor. Much of the insulation in older or newer homes can degrade over time - made up of small fibres or hard foam that doesn’t seal well, these types of insulation are susceptible to age and damage from moisture, construction, and pests.

Spray foam is the ideal material to replace attic insulation in Vaughan because it won’t break down or degrade, and needs no topping up over time. Once it’s installed, there’s no need to check up on it or worry about replacing it - with a better insulated home, you can focus on enjoying your family life and stop worrying about what’s happening above.

New Insulation Will Save You Money

Upgrading your attic insulation in Vaughan will help you save money on your monthly hydro and utilities bills by making your home more energy efficient. Because it seals gaps that could be causing conditioned air to leak from your home, spray foam allows your home to work as it should, so that the furnace or air conditioner has to work less hard to keep the thermostat level. If your furnace is working twice as hard as it should, you’ll be seeing repair and maintenance bills rise alongside your utilities, but spray foam can help the system get back into balance.

Quality Workmanship at EcoStar

Our experiences installing new attic insulation in Vaughan over the past decade has given EcoStar Insulation an unrivaled knowledge of spray foam and its benefits. Our certified technicians undergo ongoing training to remain at the top of their field, and have experience with residential, commercial, agricultural and recreational properties, giving them a breadth of knowledge when it comes to the unique needs of your home. Our confidence in our workmanship and products mean that we offer a 100% money back guarantee, and work with you to finesse each installation until you’re happy. We know - and love - using spray foam because we’ve seen it at work in our own homes and have direct experience with its ability to improve your indoor comfort.

Get in Touch with Us at EcoStar

At EcoStar Insulation, we’re always happy to tell you more about our products and attic insulation in Vaughan.  From reception to installers, the team at EcoStar is knowledgeable, confident, and friendly, and we’re happy to share with our process so that you can make an informed decision. If you’d like to know more about what spray foam can do for your home, give us a call at 1-866-789-1536 and speak with one of our EcoStar representatives toll-free, or visit our website for more information about the many products and services that we offer.

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