Attic Insulation Removal in Toronto

For homeowners who are considering attic insulation removal in Toronto, it’s wise to have the space properly inspected. For some, attic insulation may not be doing an adequate job. For others, there may be pockets of deterioration. And for others, the original installation may have been poorly handled. Whatever the circumstances, an attic inspection will identify the condition of the insulation and the need for removal. In other words, inspect, remove, and re-install.

Insulation removal varies greatly from house to house

In many cases, insulation removal is straightforward and problem-free. But sometimes, there are inherent problems and inherent hazards. As such, a professional approach to attic insulation removal in Toronto is highly recommended. It’s the professionals who have the expertise to deal with various removal scenarios, particularly if there are health dangers during the removal.

Attic insulation removal is usually beyond the capacity of the average homeowner. At EcoStar Insulation, trained crews manage the process from end to end. They use industrial equipment. They handle all of the waste safely. And they prepare the space for new insulation to be installed. As well, EcoStar makes the necessary repairs and retrofits that were identified during inspection.

For the professionals at EcoStar, attic insulation removal in Toronto encompasses more than just removal. There may be certain repairs required. There may be a need to ensure airtightness. And finally, there may be a need to improve ventilation. It’s all absolutely necessary for the newly installed insulation to perform at peak, and contribute to better heating and cooling performance.

Retrofitting will ensure peak insulation performance

When it comes to retrofitting, there may be some work required after the attic insulation has been completely removed. For the most part, EcoStar installers focus on air sealing and air ventilation. Both will boost energy efficiency in the home, allowing the new insulation to better perform, and therefore saving on utility costs around the year (heating and air conditioning).

Apart from insulation, air sealing is critical to energy efficiency. A well sealed home will better control air movement and moisture accumulation throughout the home. And that makes for better air circulation, improved air quality, and enhanced indoor comfort for occupants. Clearly, a step-by-step approach to attic insulation removal in Toronto is necessary for best outcomes.

Working with the professionals at EcoStar Insulation

Although a do-it-yourself approach to insulation removal might seem appealing, it is not recommended. Besides the fact that the work is demanding and challenging, insulation removal can be risky and dangerous. In some situations, materials could be contaminated. In fact, there may be asbestos or mold present. In short, insulation removal should left to the professionals.

For attic insulation removal in Toronto, homeowners can rely on the experience and expertise of EcoStar Insulation. Regardless of the project size, EcoStar will manage the work from end to end – right from initial inspection, to retrofitting, to re-installation of new materials. To arrange for an on-site assessment, visit the website at or call 1-866-789-1536 or 647-799-3106 or email us at

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