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Prepare & Protect Your Property with Commercial Fireproofing Services

Protect your high-occupancy buildings with advanced fireproofing in North York. EcoStar Insulation is a leading provider of commercial fireproofing solutions designed to reduce the spread of flames, minimize heat transfer, and decrease the chance of ignition. 

For quality fireproofing products and installation in North York, choose the reliable EcoStar team. 

What is Commercial Fireproofing?

Fireproofing is a specially designed coating engineered to reduce the impact of fires in large and high-occupancy buildings. In most cases, fireproofing in North York is required for multi-family and multi-unit commercial buildings in Ontario. The goal of commercial fireproofing in North York is to protect occupants and property from damage. When the best fireproofing materials are used and expertly installed, buildings are well-protected, and the people who occupy them daily are safer. 



    Types of Fireproofing in North York

    Two main types of commercial fireproofing are used in North York and around Ontario. At EcoStar Insulation, we work with our customers to determine the best fireproofing option for your property needs. 

    • Intumescent Fireproofing: This type of industrial fireproofing expands when exposed to high heat levels. Layers of intumescent fireproofing can be installed in layers to enhance the efficacy of the material. As the intumescent fireproofing materials enlarge in the extreme heat, their density simultaneously decreases, ultimately reducing the exposure of steel that composes the building structure to damaging elements. By extending the time it takes for the heat to reach essential building materials, intumescent fireproofing allows for more time for first responders to show up on-site, increasing the damage and potentially preventing a collapse entirely. 
    • Cementitious Fireproofing: A more common fireproofing material, cementitious fireproofing is commonly used in building construction, rebuilds, and renovations. The commercial fireproofing material is a mill-mixed plaster made with either cement or gypsum, which is spray-applied to steel structures. The dust-free surface and solid bond of cementitious fireproofing enhance its durability and longevity. There are three categories of fireproofing in North York available for commercial builders: standard, medium, and high-density cementitious fireproofing.



    Benefits of Fireproofing in North York

    Like with active fireproofing features, implementing passive fireproofing in commercial properties enhances their overall security. 

    • Easy-to-Install: Spray-on fireproofing offers quick installation times that keep construction plans moving forward with minimal interruptions or delays.  
    • Protect Building Materials: By keeping flames a distance, fireproofing protects valuable items from ever coming into contact with damaging levels of heat or actual fires. 
    • Avoid Structural Collapse: Passive fireproofing in North York keeps essential steel frames and structures from collapsing. Instead, they have a greater chance of retaining their structural integrity. 
    • Saves Restoration Costs: Voids and gaps in the structure are filled with spray-on foam fireproofing materials, effectively preventing flames from spreading from room to room. The reduction in damage saves building owners and managers the cost of repairs, renovations, and restorations.
    • Keep Everyone Safe: Fireproofing interferes with the momentum of fire and extreme heat, reducing the speed at which fires can spread. More time gives occupants a greater chance of safely evacuating a building on fire while also ensuring more time for fire responders to arrive. 

    For high-quality and effective fireproofing in North York, contact the trusted EcoStar Insulation team. 



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    Ivan Doyle Toronto

    I have a cottage in Muskoka, and we rent it throughout the year. We have noticed during the winter that our clients have been complaining about the heat not being good enough. After consulting it with Ecostar Insulation contractors, we decided to go with them, and I have no regrets. Out cottage has never been warmer in the winter. Great Price and Professional Work.

    Thomas O. Markham

    Every winter for the past 4 years since I moved into this house, it has been cold inside my house. I tried getting different heaters, changing the ventilation, but the problem was actually in the insulation. The house is very old, and it cost me a lot of money during the winter time. BUT not anymore!! thanks to EcoStar Insulation. I have enjoyed last winter more than anything. Great job guys and keep it up. Tom.

    Jerry & Melinda Toronto

    We had a big project on our way, and our biggest issue was who will handle the insulation part. After contacting a few companies, EcoStar Insulation has proven to us that they are very professional, and they definitely stood to their word and got this done in time and without any issues. THANKS AGAIN!!!

    Navarre & Sam Toronto

    We just bought a new unit and as we were renovating it, we noticed there wasn’t any insulation inside. Luckily, everything was stripped and ready for insulation, so we contacted Ecostar and their professional contractors have done a phenomenal job. 

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