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Spray Foam Insulation

At EcoStar Insulation, we know that the best insulation solution on the market today is a product that we have nearly ten years of experience with: spray foam insulation. Choosing to install spray foam insulation in Whitby is one of the best solutions a homeowner can choose for a chilly, drafty, leaky home. Installing spray foam insulation in Whitby gives you an advantage when renovating or retrofitting your home by providing a considerable improvement on your indoor comfort.


EcoStar Spray Foam Insulation Experts

At EcoStar, we know that installing spray foam insulation in Whitby is one of the top methods of upgrading your home’s indoor environment, but it’s important our clients know this as well, so we make sure that education is part of every EcoStar consultation and installation.

We’re homeowners too, and we know that when it comes to the many choices you must make to care and improve your home, it’s tough to know who to trust and what products will give you the results you need. The expert receptionists, installation technicians and staff at EcoStar Insulation aim to make every spray foam insulation in Whitby easy by providing supportive, comprehensive, and most importantly, honest opinions and information during the entire process. You need to feel confident about what you’re choosing, so making sure you know how your spray foam insulation in Whitby will unfold is important to the EcoStar team - our customer satisfaction guarantee ensures this!

A Message to Homeowners

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, so ensuring it is comfortable in both the heat of summer and bitterness of winter isn’t a small concern. Good insulation isn’t just about staying comfortable though, it’s also about improved indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and peace of mind - by installing spray foam insulation in Whitby, you can easily achieve all three of these elements.

At EcoStar Insulation, our experience installing spray foam insulation in homes and businesses large and small means that we’ve come to be experts in our field. Our understanding of spray foam and how it will benefit your home allows us to recommend the best formulations and methods to yield the best results. Spray foam begins as a liquid, which is sprayed into wall cavities or roof joists, where it expands and dries into a foam. Cracks and gaps in your home’s building envelope are one of the ways homes become energy inefficient, and spray foam is a great way of sealing these gaps. Because it expands as it is applied, spray foam performs exceptionally well with odd angles and rounded spaces - spaces that fibreglass or other types of 

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Why Spray Foam is the Best

As an overlooked part of home renovations or maintenance needs, insulation can do more for you and your home than many other smaller, cosmetic fixes. At EcoStar Insulation, our knowledge and experience with installing spray foam insulation in Whitby and the GTA means that we know exactly which type of product will suit your needs and bring immediate long and short term value to your home. 

Spray foam is one of the most desired insulation materials on the market, and is sought after by industry professionals because of its excellent insulating qualities and the bonus features it brings to buildings. Beyond insulating, spray foam yields significant protection against pests and moisture that may enter your home because, unlike loose insulation, spray foam is applied directly to the walls of your home, where it forms an impermeable barrier of foam. Consistently rated as one of the top materials in efficiency, installing spray foam insulation in Whitby easily outperforms the competition through this added bonus of sealing air leaks. 


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Cost Effectiveness with Spray Foam Insulation

Installing spray foam insulation in Whitby is one of the best ways to save money on your energy bills. Because it naturally seals air leaks and gaps in your home’s building envelope, spray foam insulation helps keep your air conditioning where it belong - indoors. Inefficient homes can leak a great deal of the conditioned air your furnace or air conditioner works to produce, so by sealing air leaks, your cease to lose all that energy your home is using to keep the temperature stable.

Over the long term, the savings you receive from spray foam insulation far outweigh the initial costs associated with installation. The long-term energy efficiency you gain is also boosted by the fact that spray foam, unlike the competition, needs no maintenance or topping up over time. The benefits you receive from spray foam insulation are immediate!

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Hard Work Ethic at EcoStar Insulation

EcoStar Insulation is a company that works for you and with you because we are Canadian too! With nearly a decade of experience in the spray foam insulation industry, we are confident working within and exceeding national building codes and our extensive experience working with a variety of buildings has lead to us to having a unique understanding of what your home needs to thrive the Southern Ontario climate. As part of your community, EcoStar Insulation works hard at providing a quality service, using trained and certified technicians that work safely to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. 

Every EcoStar installation follows local building by-laws and industry guidelines. Our teams frequently train and update their skills to be at the leading edge of spray foam insulation in Whitby installation. We’re so confident that our teams do the best insulation installation that we work with you until you’re pleased with your new insulation - regardless of the time it takes. We know that spray foam insulation will bring you increased comfort, safety, indoor air quality, and, most importantly, energy savings. 


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Why Spray Foam Insulation Is Beneficial

By choosing to install spray foam insulation in Whitby, your home will be kept warm and cool with the best product on today’s market. The benefits of spray foam beyond its insulating capabilities, like sealing air leaks, vapour barrier, sound insulation and increased energy savings will give you a distinct advantage over other products. Insulation’s ability to do its job is called R-Value, and the higher the R-Value, the better a product is at insulating and keeping your indoor temperature where it belongs. As one of the products out there with the highest R-Value of modern insulation, spray foam insulation gives your home a tremendous superiority over traditional techniques, and ensures that you will be comfortable all year.

To learn more about EcoStar and our spray foam insulation in Whitby, please get in touch with us - our knowledgeable staff would be happy to discuss the options available. Contact EcoStar at 1-866-789-1536 or by email at info@ecostarinsulation.ca.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Ivan Doyle Toronto

I have a cottage in Muskoka, and we rent it throughout the year. We have noticed during the winter that our clients have been complaining about the heat not being good enough. After consulting it with Ecostar Insulation, we decided to go with them, and I have no regrets. Out cottage has never been warmer in the winter. Great Price and Professional Work.

Thomas O. Markham

Every winter for the past 4 years since I moved into this house, it has been cold inside my house. I tried getting different heaters, changing the ventilation, but the problem was actually in the insulation. The house is very old, and it cost me a lot of money during the winter time. BUT not anymore!! thanks to EcoStar Insulation. I have enjoyed last winter more than anything. Great job guys and keep it up. Tom.

Jerry & Melinda Toronto

We had a big project on our way, and our biggest issue was who will handle the insulation part. After contacting a few companies, EcoStar Insulation has proven to us that they are very professional, and they definitely stood to their word and got this done in time and without any issues. THANKS AGAIN!!!

Navarre & Sam Toronto

We just bought a new unit and as we were renovating it, we noticed there wasn’t any insulation inside. Luckily, everything was stripped and ready for insulation, so we contacted Ecostar and they have done a phenomenal job. 

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