Why Toronto Builders and Owners Trust Cementitious Fireproofing the Most

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on June 28, 2024

Cementitious fireproofing is a popular choice among property owners and builders. It is a single-component plaster material that is spray-applied, and it is designed to prevent the foundation of your building from failing in the chance of a fire. It can used for both steel and concrete surfaces and needs to be applied during the building process. 

This material is highly fire-resistant and durable, making it a trusted choice for fireproofing in Toronto. Cementitious fireproofing is applied in multiple layers making it extremely durable and effective. This method is also known for being a cost-effective option, however, costs vary depending on the size of your building. EcoStar Insulation offers free, custom estimates for fireproofing in your building, which can give you a better understanding of the financial implications of this service. Overall, cementitious fireproofing is a preferred choice amongst builders due to its effectiveness, protective properties, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. 

To learn more about why cementitious fireproofing is a trustworthy choice, continue reading!


cementitious fireproofing torontoCementitious fireproofing is widely referred to as the most trustworthy fireproofing method because it is extremely effective. The whole point of fireproofing is to withstand fires in the case of an emergency, so finding a high-quality option can really improve your and your building’s chances of survival. 

Fire Resistance

Cementitious fireproofing is unmatched in its fire resistance. It withstands extremely high temperatures, which prevents buildings from collapsing and allows rescue forces a better opportunity to contain the fire. It provides an extremely effective fire barrier and can protect the metal and concrete elements of your building from fire damage for multiple hours. Intumescent fireproofing is much thinner than cementitious, and it doesn’t provide as tight of a seal, making it durable. Choosing to install this fireproofing while building your property can save your property from potential fire damage in the future. 


Cementitious fireproofing is spray-applied, giving it excellent bonding properties. The strong bond it provides makes this fireproofing very durable. The layer should stay effective for a long time as the material is non-penetrable. 

A Preventative Measure

When fireproofing, you want to ensure your choice is effective in order to prevent damage to your building. The whole point of fireproofing is to mitigate future risks associated with potential fires. Taking measures in the present to ensure that your building remains safe in the future can make insurance claims simpler. If your whole building was to burn down, there would be a significant number of insurance claims to make. When you fireproof your building, there is a lesser chance that you will suffer significant damages or losses which will make filing insurance claims much easier. Fireproofing your building may also provide you with a better insurance rate, which is always a bonus. 

Strong fireproofing can also ensure that you are not liable in the chance there is a fire. If you are diligent in taking measures to prevent fires in your building, you are less likely to be held responsible if something happens in the future. So long as you adhere to standardized fire safety regulations and building codes

Protective Properties

Although the main purpose of cementitious fireproofing is to protect buildings from fires, its structure provides other protective properties as well.


Cementitious fireproofing is not only fire-resistant, it is water-resistant as well. This may seem a little counterintuitive, however, this is a good thing. Water leakages and damage is common in homes and commercial buildings. Oftentimes this can result in damage to your property’s walls, ceilings and floors, especially if there is a leak. With fireproofing, your building is protected from water damage.

Protects Metal Elements

Water and leaks can also be damaging to the structural elements of your property. Metal pipes can form rust when they are exposed to water. Rust can ruin the structural integrity of your pipes making them more prone to breakage and cracks, which can result in more extensive water damage. Since cementitious fireproofing can be applied to metal and concrete surfaces, your pipes and metal elements will be protected from water damage, rust and corrosion. 

Mold Resistance

The waterproof nature of cementitious fireproofing also makes it resistant to mold and mildew. Mold growth is normally the result of water damage and/or trapped humidity, as they provide a great breeding ground. Mold growth in your building can be hazardous to health, as it ruins air quality and is linked to illness. Not to mention that it is quite expensive to remove. Choosing cementitious fireproofing can help you maintain the health of your building and its visitors/residents. 


Cementitious fireproofing is a cost-effective choice when compared to other options. The material itself is very budget-friendly and the application is relatively simple because it is spray-applied. As previously mentioned, this fireproofing method can also protect buildings from water damage, rusty pipes and mold. Each of these things is expensive to repair. Choosing cementitious fireproofing can help you save money on future maintenance and repairs. It can also make fire damage much less extensive in the future, which would result in minimal repair costs as well. 

Cementitious Fireproofing with EcoStar

Cementitious fireproofing is the best option for building fireproofing in Toronto. Its effectiveness and durability ensures superior performance. Fireproofing your building also helps reduce the risk of personal liability, water damage, and mold. The cost-effectiveness of installing this fireproofing is also why it is a popular choice amongst builders. When looking to fireproof a building, cementitious coatings are the best option. Contact EcoStar Insulation today for a free estimate on cementitious fireproofing!


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