Spray Foam Insulation Can Lower Monthly Utility Bills

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on June 06, 2017

A home that is well sealed and well insulated is simply energy efficient - and energy efficiency is the key to reducing utility bills throughout the year. One of the best approaches to home energy efficiency is to insulate with spray foam insulation. It’s a product that ensures both air tightness and thermal protection in the “building envelope”. This is of particular relevance because most residential homes allow up to 30% of heating and cooling to be wasted through air leakage.

Spray Foam Insulation for Homes

In any home, of any size, air leakage is an ongoing occurrence – it happens through the roof, attic, and even in the basement. Industry wide, insulation contractors agree that spray foam insulation is the ideal air sealer. And with annual savings on utility bills, this type of installation is the best return-on-investment for a homeowner. In fact, a well sealed, well insulated home can potentially save hundreds and hundreds of dollars every year in heating and air conditioning utility costs.

With spray foam insulation, air sealing and thermal insulation are achieved in one application. The benefits for the homeowner actually go far beyond just saving money on utility bills. With a professional application, the home is warmer in winter and cooler in summer. In addition, indoor comfort is enhanced, air circulation is improved, and air quality is measurably upgraded. As well, air moisture is better controlled, which reduces any opportunity for moisture related problems.

Energy Efficient Insulation

Today, home energy professionals are suggesting spray foam insulation as an insulator and air barrier in one. When properly installed, spray foam insulation will seal and insulate better than anything on the market, allowing for complete air-tightness even in those hard-to-reach areas of the attic, roof, or basement. Spray foam also eliminates the need for a separate vapour barrier, mainly because the application itself restricts the movement and collection of air moisture.

The idea with spray foam insulation is to ensure a high level of energy efficiency. With the HVAC system working in better balance during the winter and summer, less energy has to be used, and therefore utility bills are lowered. For many homeowners, the annual savings on utility bills can mount up to a point where the original spray foam installation cost is “paid down”. What’s most important is to have spray foam insulation installed professionally, and by experienced installers.

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