Spray Foam Insulation Cost 2021

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on February 20, 2021

If you made it up here, means you have heard about the multiple benefits of Spray Foam Insulation, and want to know if is it really worth it paying the top dollar for a home upgrade of this caliber. Well, if you ask us, we fully recommend Spray Foam insulation as the best solution for an energy-efficient upgrade. 

Don’t take our word for granted though. Take your time, do your own research, and you will understand that the Spray Foam Insulation cost of initial investment, will eventually pay for itself throughout the years.

Even though Spray Foam Insulation cost might be relatively higher when compared with other insulation methods, rest assured as the benefits of Spray Foam are worth every single dollar. Consider that the material provides the highest R-Value, does not deteriorate with the passing of time, and meets the highest standards of the Ontario Building Code.

Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

  1. Energy Efficient
  2. Sound Proof Properties
  3. Mold, Pests & Rodents Barrier
  4. High R-Value
  5. Does not Deteriorate

Energy Efficient

The main reason homeowners decide to insulate their living spaces, it to lower their monthly utility bills, and because it is a mandatory set by Ontario Building Code.

What an insulation system can do, is seal all gaps and cracks on your walls, to create an effective air barrier that can keep the heat inside, the cold outside, and vice versa. 

Eventually, heating and cooling systems will require less energy to warm or cool the air.  The higher the R-Value an insulation system can offer, the lower the utility bills will be. The initial spray foam insulation cost is worth it, an energy-efficient upgrade of this type can decrease your monthly utility bills by 40%, while cellulose and batt insulation go to as much as 25%.

Sound Proof Properties

If you want to get rid of noisy neighbors, create a quiet environment for you and your family, spray foam insulation is the solution. The installation model of spray foam, which applies polyurethane foam directly to the walls, creates an effective sound barrier, capable of isolating noises coming from outside of the house and in between rooms and house levels as well. For the sound barrier to be as effective as possible, insulation has to be applied on at least 70% of home walls and floors.  

Mold, Pests & Rodents Barrier

As almost every insulation material, Spray Foam is the number one enemy of pests, rodents, and mold. By filling all gaps and cracks of your home walls, the tiny intruders have 0 chance of approaching your living space. If you have a problem with rodents and pests, your old insulation might have probably deteriorated and is not as effective as it might have been in the beginning.

If you’re lucky, you can fix the problems even by yourself, otherwise, you will have to call an insulation crew to value the damage and see if it needs insulation removal or not. Rest assured with spray foam, as the material is built to last for as long as the house can.

High R-Value

The spray foam insulation cost is higher if compared with cellulose or batt insulation because it provides the highest R-Value per inch for the same amount of material (density and thickness). The R-value of an insulation system is in proper proportion to the quality of living. The higher the R-Value, the more efficient an insulation system is to prevent heat transfer, translated into lower energy bills. 

You can easily achieve the minimum criteria of R-Value set as a requirement from the Ontario Building Code with cellulose and batt insulation too, but it would be a waste of money and space as it would require a lot of material to equalize with spray foam. 

Does not Deteriorate

The initial investment of spray foam insulation cost can be called one of the smartest home upgrades as it will eventually pay for itself throughout the years. While the payback time varies on different factors, rest assured as spray foam insulation cost will be back in your pockets within the first 3 to 5 years. Spray foam insulation is preferred by homeowners and recommended by many insulation crews as the material does not deteriorate with the passing of time. To enjoy the properties of an insulation system for life with little to no maintenance at all, choose spray foam. 

Spray Foam Insulation Cost 

In this paragraph, we will treat the spray foam insulation cost topic. The internet is overwhelmingly filled with information that can more confuse the homeowners than help them. As mentioned above, you now know that spray foam is the most efficient material, delivers the best lifespan, and the most dollar savings in the long run.

Now, exactly how much does Spray Foam Insulation Cost?

To insulate your home from top to bottom with spray foam, for an average-sized house, the price range goes from $ 9.000 up to $ 13.000. For a 1,000 square ft home, the spray foam insulation cost ranges between $ 5,000 to $ 7,000.

Keep in mind that the figures are prone to change as they are highly dependent on key factors like: 

  • Amount of insulation per inch.

  • Size of the perimeter that will be insulated.

  • Condition of the home structure.

  • Insulation Removal.

Has Spray Foam Insulation cost changed in 2021?

Spray Foam insulation cost in the 2021 has faced some unexpected changes. The pandemic situation similar to other industries it has affect the supply chain of the raw insulation material. Therefore the spray foam insulation contractors in Toronto have faced many barriers in acquiring enough insulation material. This unprecedented event made insulation distributors to raise the prices and the spray foam contractors to raise their prices as well. However this is believed to be short term till the markets and supply chains are adapted to the new business environment. 

For, is expected by the end of 2021 , the spray foam insulation cost to remain the same however, it may vary depending on diffferent factors like season, region, and the scope of installation.

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