Should I Spray Foam my Whole House?

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on April 30, 2021

There is no such thing as too much insulation. It all depends on your budget and the goal you have towards achieving the best energy efficient results. To us, the ideal use of insulation is a satisfactory point that is achieved by using the highest amount of material with the given budget. By spray foaming your whole house you are building a 100% energy efficient environment that has no problems when it comes to heat loss and air leakages. Spray foam is an excellent insulation material, and when properly installed, its benefits and features will be inherited for a lifetime. In this article, we will break down how spray foam insulation works, types of spray foam insulation you need, continuous insulation, and eventually, the spray foam insulation cost. Read on...

How Spray foam insulation works

The goal of every insulation system is to create an air barrier that will prevent heat transfer from your home walls. Simply put, an airtight barrier creates an impenetrable wall that will keep the warm air in and cold air out (winter) and vice versa (summer). This way, you will have to spend less on heating and cooling as the HVAC systems will eventually spend less energy. 

Getting more technical, spray foam insulation works as a chemical product that reacts when exposed to oxygen by expanding up to 30-60 times the volume of its initial form. The material fills all gaps and cracks on the walls of the building, without needing to use a separate vapor barrier. Due to its relatively easy and fast installation process, spray foam insulation is the “way to go” for many homeowners and insulation contractors.

Types of Spray Foam Insulation

Depending on the place where insulation is being applied, there are two types of spray foam insulation that you can use to increase your energy efficiency efforts. Every spray foam insulation type delivers its unique qualities and benefits. Check them below…

  • Open Cell Foam 

  • Closed Cell Foam

Open Cell Foam 

Open cell spray foam insulation or low-density SPF, is usually recommended to be used for indoor applications and is relatively cheaper when compared to closed cell foam. The material can provide an effective sound reduction barrier by sealing all gaps and cracks on the walls. It is also water resistant, making it the perfect solution to combat mold growing on your home walls. For locations with extreme temperatures, closed cell spray foam insulation can be more effective.

Density -  about .5 pounds per cubic foot

R-Value - R-3.5 to R-3.6 per inch  

Closed Cell Foam

Closed cell spray foam insulation or high density SPF, delivers a higher R-Value per inch of thickness and is more costly. It is much denser than open cell foam and can be applied under slabs, walls (below grade & above grade), roofs, and ceilings. It is the most effective and long-term solution when it comes to home energy efficiency. This type of insulation can act as an air barrier and vapor barrier, delivering an R-Value that ranges from 5.2 up to 6.5 per inch.

Density - +1.75 pounds per cubic foot

R-Value - R-6.5 per inch

Insulate my whole house

There is a concept among the insulation community called Continuous Insulation. Judging by the name, you might have already understood that continuous insulation is about insulating an entire perimeter without interruptions. Due to its installation process that seals all gaps on the walls, spray foam is one of the most commonly used methods when it comes to continuous insulation. And if by chance you want to insulate your entire house, keep in mind that your attic, storage space and/or garage, also need to be insulated to create an efficient air barrier. See, if you are insulating your entire home but not your attic, you are making a small but significant mistake. All the efforts of creating an energy efficient environment will be ruined as the heat will be lost through the attic.

Sealing an old house

Whether it be a retrofit, a renovation, or a new construction, spray foam can be applied almost everywhere (for as long there is a dry surface). To make an old house less drafty we can start by sealing all gaps and cracks on your home walls, installing attic insulation, and the rest of your house too. 

Prior to starting to insulate, the first thing needed to be done is to check the walls and the attic for cavities that can not be sealed with spray foam. After the problem is addressed, now is time to check for the old insulation condition. If the old insulation has been deteriorated, it is best to remove it as it can cause additional damages to the building. 

How much does spray foam insulation cost?

We will have to admit. Spray foam insulation cost is relatively higher when compared to other popular insulation methods like cellulose insulation or fiberglass insulation. However, the initial investment will eventually pay for itself throughout the years by increasing your home comfort and lowering your monthly utility bills. The spray foam insulation cost is prone to changes as there are several factors needed to be taken into consideration prior to coming up with a quote. 

  • The size of the perimeter that is going to be insulated

  • The type of the spray foam insulation material 

  • The amount of spray foam insulation being used

  • The actual condition of the building structure

  • Insulation Removal service needed or not

Now, how much does spray foam insulation cost exactly? 

Insulating an average-sized house from top to bottom with spray foam the price range goes from $ 9.000 up to $ 13.000. For a 1.000 square ft perimeter, for example, the cost of spray foam insulation varies from $ 5000 up to $ 7.000. However, the above-mentioned factors will determine an exact quote for your building insulation cost. 

Why EcoStar?

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