How To Choose The Right Home Insulation For The Job

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on March 03, 2017

Home insulation is a different type of home improvement project. Unlike some of the cosmetic improvements like a kitchen makeover or bathroom reno, home insulation can actually provide a return-on-investment. For a homeowner, it’s important to consider a few factors when it comes time to insulate the house. First of all, the overall project budget and potential for value. Secondly, the insulation product that would be most suitable for the job. And finally, the choice of insulation contractor, which may well be the most important consideration.

With home insulation, it’s important to be well informed – it will make for better decisions along the way, and a better working relationship with the chosen contractor. As for installation, better contractors will recommend what’s suitable for the customer and not the “flavour of the month”. It means that both product and installation will suit the project’s needs and customer’s priorities. Most importantly, whatever the product choice and installation methods, everything will be fully warrantied by the contractor to the satisfaction of the customer.

Spray Foam Insulation

Today, many professional installers are opting for spray foam insulation as a product-of-choice for the attic, the basement, and even the garage. Spray foam is a unique product, a specialized application, and an installation that requires experience and expertise. Spray foam spreads out in a given area and hardens into a thick blanket of insulation. This application is the ultimate sealer and insulator, providing both an air barrier and vapour barrier at one time. Spray foam is the best insulation product on the market, offering the highest R-Values, and the most effective air sealing of anything comparable. The long-term energy savings will offset the initial project investment.

Blown In Insulation

Blown in insulation is a popular and cost-effective install for attics and roof cavities. Expertly installed, this product provides effective thermal insulation, a satisfactory level of R-Value, and excellent dollar value. Available in cellulose or fiberglass, this product delivers performance for many years, providing the installation is professional. The finished space is fire resistant, and will not attract animals or insects. Additionally, blown in insulation can be used for “topping up” the existing insulation in a given space. Under the proper conditions, a “top up” can be cost effective in the attic, allowing for R-Values to be augmented, and lengthening the lifespan of the insulation.

Injection Insulation

In older homes, where exterior walls are poorly insulated, there’s a viable solution for improving the home’s thermal insulation. With injection insulation, exterior wall cavities are very effectively sealed and insulated with dramatic improvements to the home’s overall energy efficiency. The injection insulation method is very cost-effective when reinsulating a “building envelope”. Air movement is blocked, and therefore heat loss is practically eliminated. It means that indoor air, whether heated or cooled, will not escape. Injection insulation seals the “building envelope” tight, allowing the HVAC system to better perform, and heating/cooling cycles to be better balanced.

For homeowners, the bottom line with insulation is to ensure improved energy efficiency, which will result in reduced energy consumption, and significant dollar savings on utilities.

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