5 Reasons to Consider Replacing your Insulation

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on October 31, 2020

Many insulation systems last for years. Some can even endure for almost one century. To avoid replacing your insulation system for as long as possible, a proper installation is a must. Therefore, choosing a qualified crew of insulators is the first step to an energy-saving investment. The material used is also a key factor that affects the durability of home insulation. With the help of a qualified insulator, you can choose the materials that fit your home needs at the lowest cost. There are various types of insulation methods out there. Each offers a different durability level. Some can retain their R-Value throughout the years, and some cannot. Some get improved over the years and some others lose their insulation properties. Choose the right options in the very beginning, and you might never bother about replacing your insulation.


Reasons to Consider Replacing your Insulation


a) Save money 

New home insulation can do what the old insulation was meant to do. Seal every crack and hole of the living perimeter to avoid any air leakage. This will help to keep your home’s warm or cool air inside, making a cost-efficient air barrier. Since heating and air conditioning normally cause a significant shock on the utility bill, replacing your insulation system would cause a reduction of the energy bills by up to 40%.


b) Make your living space feel comfortable

Replacing your insulation will make your home a more comfortable place indeed. Air leakages will be prevented, making it easier to keep the desired home temperature during the day. Good insulation helps the HVAC systems of your home to work easier, which therefore improves air circulation.


c) Get rid of pests, rodents, and mold

A damaged insulation structure allows the presence of a large number of pests and rodents that can find an easy way into your living space. Many insulation materials are treated with special substances such as boric acid which prevents pests and rodents from approaching your home. But if an insulation system gets damaged for different reasons then the insect repellent barrier would not be that efficient. A leaky perimeter has a lot of potentials for mold to develop on your home walls too. An insulation system that has lost its waterproof ‘’superpower’’ might need to be replaced with a new one.


d) Reduce noise

Caustic pollution is a serious problem in overcrowded areas. Noisy neighbors, traffic noises, or a train passing near home every few hours. There is a solution!! Many insulation methods have sound absorption properties. They can create sound barriers, able to reduce the noises in between rooms or levels inside your house, and even noises coming from outside. Replacing your insulation would be the right thing to do if your insulation does not prevent or at least reduce inside or outside noises. The installation model of the Spray Foam method allows it to expand in the wall’s cracks and gaps which makes it to be highly recommended by many home builders. Cellulose insulation is also a good choice when talking about noise reduction.


e) Increase your property value

An energy-saving upgrade such as an insulation system, not only shrinks your energy bills but also increases significantly the value of your property. According to various studies, updated homes saw a 3% -6% increase in value in the past year. Consumer reports suggest that an energy-saving feature has more potential to be appreciated by homeowners than other home upgrades. It would be in homeowners’ best interest to have a good insulation system for their homes, considering that the prior investment would pay for itself throughout the years.


Factors that can lower the Insulation Lifespan


Everything comes to an end. Insulation systems make no difference. No matter how long you have been promised for it to last, very few Insulation Systems are that perfect to remain undefeated throughout the years. The factors mentioned below can significantly decrease the Insulation Lifespan making replacing your insulation a must.


-Mold growing on the insulated walls.

-Water damage on your walls or roof. (leaks, blown off shingles, etc.)

-Insulation has been punctured. (by an animal, heavy weather conditions, during the moving process)

-Previous homeowners might not have properly installed the insulation system.

-Your home has been through a fire event or a heavy weather condition. (storm, hail, floods, lightning)


Signs that your home needs a New Insulation System


If you are facing one or more of the issues mentioned below, then it might be time to consider replacing your insulation.


-The home temperature is uneven. (changes time after time)

-Energy bills are higher than expected.

-Home is getting draughty. (cold and uncomfortable because of currents of cool air)

-You are dealing with a pest or rodent problem.

-Moisture is starting to expand on home walls.

-It is visible that the insulation system is wet, breaking down, or falling.


Insulating is the last word of technology regarding home sealing and energy saving. But what if my home insulation loses its properties? Why would I need an Insulation system that is already demolished? If it cannot lower the energy bills and keep my home warm and dry, why would I even need one? Frankly, it would cost me more keeping it as is, than replacing it with another home insulation. 


 Replacing your insulation (Advice to homeowners)


As a homeowner, it is good to check the insulation structure every once in a couple of years. By fixing up small damages in time, you can prevent the insulation system from getting fully demolished. Otherwise, you better be replacing your insulation with a new one before the winter strikes. Fiberglass, mineral wool, or cellulose insulation methods are more likely to show a decrease in their insulation capabilities in the first decade. Cellulose, for example, may sag and settle over the years. Fiberglass and mineral wool can deteriorate if not maintained. These issues open the way to mold growing and air leakage. Insulation can have little or no effect at all if the installation process is not done properly. Low-cost materials and inexperienced insulation crews, may not always be the right option for an insulation system to achieve its highest endurance.


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