Ontario Energy Rebate Programs

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on December 10, 2020

Home Efficiency Rebate

The Home Efficiency Rebate is one of few Ontario energy rebate programs. It is an initiative undertaken by Enbridge Gas, one of the titans of the energy marketplace in Ontario. The main goal of these Ontario energy rebate programs is to create the opportunity for homeowners of all calibers to get closer to energy efficiency practices such as Home insulation, HVAC systems, and qualified doors, windows, and skylights. 

You as a homeowner can apply for the Home Efficiency Rebate and expect to receive up to 5000$ rebates on Home insulation, Airtightness, doors, windows, boiler, and furnace. Focused on home energy efficiency, these rebates give the homeowner immediate payback and lower energy bills. All Union Gas or Enbridge Gas consumers are eligible to apply and profit from this particular Ontario energy rebate program.


A) Enbridge gas consumer

B) Owning a detached, semi-detached, mobile home, or townhouse.

C) Successfully complete at least 2 eligible improvements

How does it work?

After a 3-month closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Home Efficiency Rebate program is now re-opened. All Ontarian homeowners can apply and qualify for this Ontario energy rebate program immediately. As mentioned above, if you are a Union Gas or Enbridge Gas consumer, you are eligible to profit from this energy savings rebate program. To qualify, homeowners must attend two home energy-efficiency audits – One before renovations have started and the second after the renovations have been finalized. 

  1. To conduct the pre-renovation home-energy audit contact an approved Service Provider with capable and registered energy advisors.
  2. Guided and instructed from the energy audit information, choose at least two home energy efficiency improvements. You can ask the energy advisor for the most cost-effective options.
  3. Hire a professional and capable insulation crew, to complete all your chosen renovations.
  4. After new home improvements are all completed, have the energy advisor conduct the post-renovation energy audit within 120 days of your primary energy audit.
  5. Keep the receipts for all services and submit all the required paperwork.
  6. Get the rebate cheque by mail in approximately 60 days.

Insulation Upgrades supported from the Home Efficiency Rebate Program

Attic Insulation

Rebate Intake

Energy savings rebate program requirements

$ 650

For upgrading attic insulation to at least R-60

$ 650

For upgrading flat roof insulation by at least R14 

Exterior Wall Insulation

Rebate Intake

Energy savings rebate program requirements

$ 3,000

Add at least R-20 to all the building

$ 1,750

Add at least R-9 to all the building to get a minimum of R-12

$ 1,000

Add at least R-3.8 to all the building to get a minimum of R-12

Basement Insulation

Rebate Intake

Energy savings rebate program requirements

$ 1,000

Add R-32 to the floor above the crawl space floor

$ 500

Add R-12 to all crawl space walls

$ 1,000

Add at least R-23 to all crawl space walls

$ 750

Achieve R-12 to your basement walls

$ 1,250

Add at least R-23 to all your basement walls

$ 500 BONUS

An extra $500 rebate if 100% of all basement and\or crawl space is insulated. To qualify a 5% of the total foundation exterior must be insulated.


Rebate Intake

Energy savings rebate program requirements

$ 150

For achieving the air sealing base target

$ 150

For adding at least 10% to the air sealing base target

Extra Rebates

Extra Bonuses

Energy savings rebate program requirements

$ 750

Complete five of the above-mentioned home improvements.

$ 500

Complete four of the above-mentioned home improvements.

$ 150

Complete three of the above-mentioned home improvements.

Other Ontario energy rebate programs

Ontario affordability fund

To qualified residents are offered free or subsidized property assessments and energy-efficient improvements and appliances. Once you have signed on to this Ontario energy rebate program you can potentially receive many energy-efficiency products and services at no cost.

How to apply?

1. All property taxes must be pre-paid in full to be eligible for this program.

2. If yes, start by completing an online application to their website and return it to your local municipality.

3. When approved, the rebate amount will be added to your tax account by your local municipality property tax department.

CMHC green home

CMHC green home is a Canada-wide energy savings rebate program that can get the homeowner a 15% up to 25% refund on mortgage loan insurance if you use CMHC financing to build a new, energy-efficient home or for renovations. 

When renovating, the refund amount is defined by the results of your energy-efficiency project. For example, upgrading your attic insulation R-value from R-40 to R-60 will get you a 15% investment refund.

Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)

Home Energy Loan Program is here to give a hand to all Toronto homeowners who want to apply energy efficiency practices to their homes. HELP offers the initial required funding as a low-interest loan for home insulation and other energy efficiency upgrades. The loan can be paid through a given period of time with no penalty applied.

How to apply?

1. Start by completing the HELP online application and submitting the required documents.

2. After the application is approved, you will come into a loan agreement with the City of Toronto to fund certain qualifying energy efficiency improvements for your property.

3. Payments will be addressed to the City of Toronto over an agreed term until the loan is fully paid. (no penalty attached)

4. 5% of your property CVA is the maximum allowable funding. The loan includes the cost of improvements, an administration fee, and the applicable interest.

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