Energy Efficient Crawlspace With Spray Foam Insulation

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on October 13, 2021

Many GTA homes have crawlspaces — underground spaces often forgotten or ignored when making energy efficiency improvements. But at EcoStar Insulation, we’ve seen firsthand the role that crawlspace insulation plays in helping to create a more comfortable living environment up above. While the focus is generally on above-grade rooms and spaces, spray foam insulation is an excellent way to increase the energy efficiency of your crawlspace and boost the energy savings achieved through attic insulation upgrades. Energy efficiency starts from the ground up — here’s why you should pay more attention to your crawlspace. 

Why Insulate the Crawlspace?

Like the garage, most crawlspaces are unheated, semi-outdoor spaces — some older homes may even have dirt floors! This means that the crawlspace can transfer temperatures from below, which can make homes especially chilly when the ground is frozen during the winter. A colder home means your furnace needs to run longer and harder to keep your temperature balanced, a habit that can quickly add up in your monthly heating and cooling bills. 

Here are 5 ways you can improve your crawlspace’s energy efficiency. 

1. Insulate the Access

Whether the entrance to your crawlspace is inside your home or outdoors, insulating the crawlspace access can help regulate the temperature within. Buying an insulated door is one option, but existing doors or plywood coverings can be improved with rigid foam insulation to increase their R-value.

2. Remove floor insulation

Spray foam insulation eliminates the need for extra insulation between the floor joists. It also plugs cracks and gaps that cause cold air to leak from the crawlspace and prevents mold growth due to moisture.

3. Insulate ductwork

Crawlspaces are convenient spaces to run ducts through — but your heated air can quickly cool off if it’s running through a sub-zero area. Adding crawlspace insulation or installing duct wrap insulation can ensure you’ll have hot air coming out of your vents.

4. Dehumidify

A common problem EcoStar sees in crawlspaces is a lot of moisture that seeps in from the surrounding earth. Adding insulation to the basement can help keep moisture under control, prevent mold growth, and allow the crawlspace to regulate its temperature more effectively. If needed, a small dehumidifier can help keep you within 30-50% humidity.

5. Insulate the perimeter

The most efficient way to insulate your crawlspace is to apply spray foam insulation to exterior walls — after all, a lot of the temperature changes originate from the ground outdoors as it heats, cools, and absorbs water throughout the seasons. 

Adding crawlspace insulation goes a long way in improving general energy efficiency and home comfort. Cracks and leaks that let in hot or cold air severely affect how our furnace and air conditioners work, resulting in high maintenance costs, uncomfortable living conditions, and mold growth or humidity problems. EcoStar Spray Foam Insulation Comapny can help you assess your crawlspace to see if spray foam insulation may work for your home — let us know if you’d like to learn more by reaching out online or in person.


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