An Insulated House is not just for Winter

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on March 16, 2017

For most people, the idea of insulation is to keep the home warm in the winter. But the actual concept of insulation is to slow down the movement of warm air between two spaces. Which means that it’s just as important in summer as it is in winter. Insulation, in whatever product form it comes, is designed to block air movement and prevent heat transfer. In winter, good insulation will stop warm air from leaking to the outside, and in summer it will stop warm air from intruding inside.

A well insulated home, with the roof, walls, and basement properly insulated, will prevent heated air from leaving the confines of the home during winter, while doing the opposite in summer. The insulation essentially creates an air barrier, and in the summer months, hot outdoor air will be kept outside and cool conditioned air will be kept inside. Additionally, insulation professionals will highlight the need and importance of proper air circulation in the home, regardless of season.

In the majority of homes, heating and air conditioning are the primary sources of energy usage. And while common knowledge dictates that good insulation can reduce heating costs, the same can’t be said about saving on air conditioning costs in the summer. But it makes abundant sense –the well insulated home keeps things cool inside without over-pushing the HVAC unit to operate endlessly throughout the heat of the day. And that translates into dollar savings all summer long.

Professional insulation contractors often remind homeowners that a well-insulated attic reduces heat transfer by as much as 25% - this means that in summer, less energy is used to cool the house, and less money is being spent on utilities. Whatever the insulation product, the idea is to stop air movement, and that applies equally in summer and winter. Moreover, it’s not only the attic. The basement and exterior walls can also make a difference in ensuring better energy efficiency.

For those who plan to upgrade home insulation, many professionals are routinely recommending spray foam as the all-in-one solution. Whether it’s reinstallation of aging insulation, or simply a retrofit, spray foam has proven effective from the very top of the house to the basement. Spray foam achieves more with one application than any comparable insulation product, making it a big favourite with installers. It’s a multi-purpose install that provides high performance benefits.

Spray foam has higher R-Values than other products. The application totally air-seals a space, and provides an air barrier and vapour barrier at one time. Season after season, the insulated space prevents heat from escaping in the wintertime, while stopping summer heat and humidity from intruding. Best of all, the home’s energy efficiency is measurably improved, reducing energy use, and cutting utility costs. Spray foam insulation will deliver performance throughout the year.

For the homeowner, it’s important to have home insulation managed professionally. Choosing the right product for the job is fundamental for success, and professional installers can recommend the approach with the best return-on-investment.   

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