Insulating Basement Walls

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on August 20, 2021

Insulating your basement walls makes economic sense and helps to improve your house’s comfort. It can also be a great choice to expand your livable space and/or protect your stored items from temperature fluctuations and moisture. According to the National Building Code of On, basement insulation is as important as the rest of your house and requires proper attention. Ontarian homeowners are aware of the health hazards related to mold in living spaces and insulating basement walls needs to be done as soon as possible. Well, we understand that some of you might be hesitant to insulate your basement unless you use it as an extended living space. Therefore, below you will see the benefits you could be already enjoying by insulating your basement walls. 

Benefits of Insulating Basement Walls

Prevent Moisture Collection 

Moisture is a home’s worst enemy and keeping it under control can sometimes be difficult. There are several sources that cause moisture to grow on your basement walls like cooking, washing, cleaning, humidifiers, plants, and pets, or exterior sources like rain, fog, humidity, and snow melting. And all of these sources of moisture can be controlled by utilizing proper construction and building techniques and by professionally insulating your basement walls. 

Improve Comfort Indoors

With mold and moisture indoors, there are several potential health hazards that can cause ongoing damages to people with allergies, respiratory problems, or compromised immune systems. That does not necessarily mean basements are a source of health issues, however, addressing a solution is what needs to be done. By insulating your basement you are not only building a more healthy environment for your family members but also preventing temperature fluctuations which lead to a lower quality of living.

Reduce Energy Consumption 

One of the main goals of insulation is to reduce energy consumption. That happens by creating an efficient air barrier that prevents heat flow. Eventually, your HVAC system will require less energy for cooling in the summer months and heating in the winter months. Shielding your basement walls and ceiling with insulation will help in regulating indoor temperatures and lower your energy bills. And considering that your HVAC units will not have to work as hard to maintain that desirable temperature, expect their lifespan to be extended significantly. 

Reduce Noise and Block Sounds 

As you may or may not know already, many insulation materials like cellulose, fiberglass, and spray foam have sound absorption properties. Whether it's a noisy furnace or kids playing in the basement, there is a solution. Soundproofing insulation helps reduce noises from room to room and those coming from in between levels. It is a versatile choice for every homeowner who necessitates a more quiet living and working space without having to spend a fortune. 

Protect your Storage From Damage

Whether you are using your basement as a livable or storage space, you should consider adding a layer of insulation to protect your storage from freeze damage. Temperature fluctuations can cause serious damages to the items you have stored in your basement and lower their lifespan significantly. With insulation, you can not only save your stored items from deterioration but also prevent exposed pipes from freezing as a result of low temperatures. Instead of wrapping the pipes, insulation is a more stable, efficient, and long-term solution.

Increase your Liveable Space 

Homes with an unused basement have a renovation project ready to be started. With careful planning and the proper improvement choices, you can finish your basement and create extra living space. This way, you can increase your home’s value and provide a ready-to-live room for renters, relatives, or friends. After adding plumbing and wiring to your basement, it is now time to think about the proper insulation method that guarantees long-term comfort.

Spray Foam - The Best Insulation Method for Basement Walls

Aside from conventional insulation methods like cellulose and fiberglass, spray foam has started to gain popularity in recent years. Many homeowners and insulation contractors consider spray foam as more effective and sustainable and that is not for no reason. When compared to cellulose and fiberglass, spray foam is non-invasive, has a higher lifespan, delivers a higher R-Value, and has an easier installation process that enables filling gaps and cracks in difficult areas. And when it comes to insulating basement walls, we recommend choosing spray foam. 


Spray foam (spray polyurethane foam) is an inorganic product that serves as an excellent moisture barrier. Different from fiberglass and mineral wool that are air permeable materials, spray foam does not encourage moisture to grow and give mold plenty to eat. Instead, spray foam creates a smooth barrier around the walls that gives your basement superior protection against water and dampness.

Proper Insulation of Basement Walls 

As mentioned above, finishing your basement can bring a whole new dimension to your house - a playroom for the kids, a new office, or a whole separate suite. But to get to that point it is important to take into consideration the insulation contractors that will help you with the renovation. Here at EcoStar Insulation, we have seen every kind of leaky and drafty basements and helped homeowners turn them into usable, dry, and comfortable living, working, or storage spaces. Basement insulation is not just about installing the insulation. Preventing moisture collection, blocking airflow, and ensuring proper ventilation should also be taken into account. We are proud to use spray foam and our installers are trained to deal with the complexities of its installation. 

Why EcoStar? 

EcoStar Insulation Company has been serving the Greater Toronto Area and the suburban communities with insulation services and products of the best quality since 2008. Whether be an attic or basement insulation, peak or slow season, small or big project - we are dedicated to satisfying the needs of the homeowner by focusing on the long-term performance of the install. Our work is compliant with the requirements set by the Ontario Building Code for better and safer building practices and every step of the installation process is done according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Feel free to contact us whenever you are ready to get started!

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