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Posted by Ecostar Insulation on April 26, 2017

Insulating a residential home, whether for winter or summer, isn’t exactly fun and exciting. And while painting and decorating might be more fun, installing insulation will have far more benefits from season to season. What’s important for a homeowner to remember is that insulation is not just purposeful in the winter. In fact, attic insulation and basement insulation are as beneficial in summertime as any other time of the year.

In the same way that indoor heat tries to escape out in winter, warm outdoor air tries to infiltrate in the summer. Deficient insulation in various parts of the home allows unwanted air movement throughout the building “envelope”. Because of this, energy efficiency is compromised and energy usage is unnecessarily high. The remedy, of course, is to replace or retrofit the existing basement insulation or attic insulation where required.

Quality home insulation, including a proper install, will slow down air movement throughout the home, whether it’s in the heat of summer or the freezing winter. Basically, insulation products are designed to block air movement, therefore preventing “heat transfer”. Unfortunately, many homeowners have their focus on attic insulation, without realizing that basement insulation and wall insulation are also critical to the home.

In most North American homes, winter heating and summer cooling are the main energy sources in terms of utilities. In summer, a well insulated home will keep everything nice and cool, without over-working the HVAC. This means that the air conditioning will not be operating endlessly in the heat of the day - and that means dollar savings on utilities. Clearly, the utility savings in a well insulated home make for savings year round.

For homeowners who plan to do some upgrading of home insulation, many contractors suggest a spray foam product to enhance existing attic insulation, basement insulation, and wall insulation. Today, spray foam has become an all-in-one insulating solution - ideal for reinstalling, upgrading, and retrofitting. Spray foam does more with a single application than anything comparable. It’s a high performance install with many benefits.

With very high R-Value, spray foam completely air-seals a given space, providing an effective air barrier and vapour barrier with one application. Right around the year, this type of insulation stops heat from escaping in winter, and stops summer heat and humidity from seeping into the home. More importantly, spray foam insulation improves energy efficiency in the home, and thus reduces energy usage and utility expenses.

Whatever product is installed, attic insulation and basement insulation should be professionally managed from the start. Selecting the right product is essential for long-term performance, and proper installation will ensure the best return-on-investment. For instance, while fiberglass batt insulation or blown-in insulation might be less expensive than the spray foam, performance and lifespan may not compare favourably.

Attic insulation keeps the home warm in the winter, cool in summer

In the attic and roof cavity, spray foam insulation has proven to be more effective overall than other product options. Best managed by professional installer, spray foam is applied throughout the attic as thick foam, which hardens into an “insulating blanket”. Spray foam is multi-purpose when applied – it seals and insulates the attic at the same time, and it performs as a combination air barrier and vapour barrier at one time. When expertly installed, a spray foam application will efficiently block air movement, effectively prevent moisture from collecting, and insulate a given space with higher R-Value than other products or product combinations. Spray foam insulation is a premium priced product, but with substantial long-term savings on heating and cooling costs. 

Basement insulation makes for energy efficiency and home comfort

Here again, industry professionals are recommending spray foam insulation as one of the better options for the basement. Because of the unique nature of the space, spray foam is particularly effective for insulation. Basements are below grade and prone to moisture, two areas of concern that spray foam can remedy. Professionally installed, the basement can be effectively air-sealed and well insulated with a single application. The best part, of course, is that spray foam allows for a multi-purpose air barrier, vapour barrier, and thermal insulator. What’s important is to do the work right the first time – installing according to the building code, following the manufacturer’s product specifications, and allowing for proper ventilation to complete the “system” properly.

Exterior wall cavities can be insulated with great results year round

With exterior wall cavities, “injection insulation” can be an excellent retrofit for any home, old or new. The so-called “injection” approach (using spray foam) seals and insulates an exterior wall, providing a dramatic boost to energy efficiency. In much older homes, this approach has proven to be extremely cost-effective for reinsulating the entire “building envelope”. For walls that have little or no insulation, an upgrade of this kind will block undesirable air movement, so that warm air doesn’t escape out in winter, and warm air doesn’t intrude into the house during the summer. In short, when the “building envelope” is well sealed and insulated, the HVAC will perform better, and the heating and air conditioning cycles will be better balanced, regardless of the season.

EcoStar Insulation provides professional services with a guaranty

For EcoStar Insulation, it’s all about satisfying the homeowner. This includes installing the best product for the job, and ensuring a superior quality installation. Products and installations are recommended to suit the space; to deliver long-term performance; and to ensure the best return-on-investment. The team at EcoStar is committed to the highest standard of workmanship, along with product warranties that assure complete customer satisfaction. In the event of problems or issues, EcoStar offers reliable post-installation service, and a commitment to resolve outstanding concerns.  Installed products always meet the established standards of the National Building Code, and are further approved by the Canadian Construction Material Centre. With a customer service area that encompasses the Greater Toronto Area, EcoStar Insulation can be reached by visiting the website at www.ecostarinsulation.ca or by calling toll free at 1.866.789.1536.

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