How to Protect Structural Steel Beams with Fireproofing

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on December 15, 2022

Steel structures may seem incredibly durable, but when they encounter the heat and flames of a fire for an extended period of time, they can lose their stability and structural integrity. Fireproofing allows properties and steel structures to better resist the heat and pressure of flames. For reliable fireproofing it's always best to reach out to reliable and experienced local fireproofing contractors like the EcoStar Insulation team. We are trained for installation and always work according to building code. 

Here’s what you need to know about fireproofing for steel structures.

Why Steel Requires Fireproofing

fireproofing contractorsWhile steel is incredibly durable it is not indestructible. At around 1,370 degrees Celsius, steel structures will start to break down and the typical building fire hovers around 1093 degrees Celsius. As the temperature of a fire soars higher, high-quality fireproofing will help the building remain intact and minimize the chance of collapse. Ultimately, this will protect as much property as possible and allow people more time to evacuate. Because of its ability to enhance safety and fire protection, fireproofing services are required by law. At EcoStar Insulation we offer some of the best fireproofing contractors in the Greater Toronto Area and Toronto. 

Installing fireproofing is required by building code for multi-family properties like condos and commercial buildings, but there are also many benefits to it as well. Fireproofing helps support better property insurance rates, minimize loss in the case of an emergency, and helps keep electrical circuits at a workable temperature that allows them to stay on for longer. By minimizing damage to steel structural beams, you will have more opportunities to restore your property after the fact and save yourself from huge financial losses. 

How Does Fireproofing Work?

Fireproofing contractors use one of two types of fireproofing styles - cementitious or intumescent. Cementitious fireproofing is one of the most popular service options, where a single component mill-mix is sprayed continuously throughout the property. Cementitious fireproofing can be used on both concealed steel and exposed steel. It is designed to prevent collapse and slow heat in open spaces from reaching steel components. 

The alternate option is intumescent fireproofing, which is not as thick as cementitious fireproofing. Here, the coating is applied by fireproofing contractors as a paint. And, it responds to heat from fires by swelling up to create more space between the heat source and the steel structure. As a result, this creates more time for structures to stay in-tact and people within the property to flee. 

Choosing Your Fireproofing Contractors

The team at EcoStar Insulation is composed of experienced and trained fireproofing contractors. We use high-quality Monokote and Carboline materials that are designed to provide exceptional longevity and performance. Our fireproofing materials are dust-free maintaining healthy indoor air quality and tested alongside the highest industry standards. By choosing certified fireproofing contractors, you will ensure the most reliable results where it counts. 

Learn about our fireproofing services at EcoStar Insulation today. Contact our team members to explore our service options and request a quote. 

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