How to Prevent Attic Air Leaks

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on August 26, 2022

The quality of your attic insulation and the condition of the attic itself has a direct impact on the well-being of your entire house. When attic performance begins to decline it can be caused by a number of factors and be costly in more ways than one. A common cause of inferior attic performance are air leaks, unfortunately they are rarely detected by homeowners. To learn if your costly utility bills or inconsistent climate controls are a result of attic air leaks, the expert insulation contractors in Brampton at EcoStar Insulation can guide you. 

The professionals at EcoStar Insulation can perform a comprehensive assessment of your attic insulation in Brampton and provide guidance on the next best steps for a high-functioning and energy-efficient home free of air leaks.

Here are some tips on how to prevent attic air leaks. For help optimizing your attic insulation, contact the trusted insulation contractors in Brampton, EcoStar Insulation.

Why Are Attic Air Leaks a Problem?

attic insulation contractors BramptonAir leaks in your attic are common and often are the reason for condensation and other trouble contaminants. Typically the result of cracks and holes that occur over time. Attic leaks can increase mold infestation in the attic and inhibit indoor air quality. 

Where Do Attic Air Leaks Come From? 

Air in the attic will leak through vents, chimneys, roof damage,  and even plumbing pipes. Leaking air leads to substantial heat loss and a variety of moisture-related problems. This in turn creates condensation which creates moisture and can lead to mold outbreak, reduction in the quality of air and water damage. A common misconception about air leaks is that they are considered to be drafts coming from, and that they occur in windows and doors. While in some cases, that is true (about drafts, and simple enough to fix), most air leaks originate are hidden in the attic under the insulation. 

Another common misconception about attic air leaks is that  it is the roof leak that is the problem and needs to be addressed. While roof leaks it probably should be addressed in their own right, it is not the same as an attic air leak. If you can’t tell the difference between the two, not to worry, the experts at EcoStar Insulation can help you. Reach out to our team of insulation contractors in Brampton for insight into the unique needs of your attic insulation. and the difference can be determined by professional contractors. 

How Do Air Leaks Affect Attic Insulation?

Air leaks alter the conditions of the attic and, in turn, damage insulation materials throwing the balance of the home off. As moisture is left uncontrolled, mold outbreaks can infest inferior insulation materials rendering them ineffective and in need of replacement.

How to Prevent Air Leaks in Your Attic?

To prevent and address attic air leaks, you can do multiple things. Such as, seal your attic door, seal attic floor holes, as well as seal fireplace and furnace holes. Functioning as a multi-beneficial solution, spray foam insulation in Brampton effectively seals air leaks and enables better attic function. When you choose a high-quality polyurethane spray foam material from EcoStar Insulation, you can be confident that your attic insulation will operate optimally for an extended period of time. While these are suggestions of common practice solutions, the best way to go about it would be to get professionals to take a look at your attic and assess your personal attic needs.

Attic Insulation Solutions in Brampton

If you notice the signs that your air leaks or other problems are plaguing your attic, contact the trusted insulation contractors in Brampton - EcoStar Insulation. Our team of experts will help you upgrade your attic insulation for greater energy efficiency.

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