How to Keep Your Home Warm in the Winter With Insulation

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on January 07, 2022

spray foam insulation for homeThe winter can be a costly time of year for homeowners. But keeping your home cozy with spray foam insulation can reduce your costs for wood, oil, gas, and electricity and lower your monthly utility bills. At EcoStar Insulation, homeowners often express skepticism that this one product can help reduce drafts, improve the life of their furnace, and reduce their energy use — but it’s true! The secret lies in spray foam insulation’s R-Value, which provides exceptional value-for-money performance. Read more to learn about how spray foam can boost your home’s winter performance. 

Types of Insulation

Strolling down your hardware store’s insulation aisle will reveal many different types and products of insulation — but which insulation is best for a home in Toronto and the GTA? At EcoStar, our answer is complicated because it depends on your home's location, age, and needs. 

A home in Etobicoke, for example, may benefit from spray foam insulation’s superior weather and water-proofing effects since it has greater exposure to lake effect weather than a home in North York. On the other hand, your new build in Mississauga may only need a top up of blown-in insulation to make a difference to your monthly utility costs.

Does Old Insulation Need to be Replaced?

We’re commonly asked about old insulation — if it’s good, does it have toxic material in it, and should you replace it? In Toronto, plenty of century homes and properties haven't been updated in decades and no longer meet code — or have vermiculite insulation, which may contain asbestosThese homes will benefit from a complete insulation removal to ensure your health and safety and provide you with protection from the elements. Homes may only need a top up to bring you up to standard in areas with newer builds, like Mississauga or North York. 


Signs You Should Upgrade your Insulation

At EcoStar, we find that homeowners needing new insulation in the GTA commonly experience signs and problems such as:

  • Cold spots or drafts around the home.
  • High humidity.
  • Mold growth problems. 
  • Shifting or collapsed insulation.
  • High utility bills. 
  • Increased maintenance and repair costs for major appliances such as the furnace and air conditioner. 

Work with EcoStar to Warm Up This Winter!

Whether your home is old or new, big or small, installing insulation this winter can often make an immediate difference. Modern insulation products are very safe, efficient and provide excellent R-Values that protect your home all year round. 

At EcoStar, we’ve installed our premier product, spray foam insulation, in thousands of homes across Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto, and North York, helping homeowners to eliminate air leaks and balance their thermostats. Spray foam’s excellent R-Values and one-time application mean that our work is quick and efficient — the ultimate set-and-forget product! To learn more about spray foam insulation in the attic or basement, connect with the team at EcoStar.

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