How Passive Fireproofing Increases Safety

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on September 22, 2023

Fire accidents occur when least expected. In public and commercial buildings, as well as multi-unit residential buildings, sufficient fireproofing is required to mitigate the risk and potential damage of building fires. To get your building up to code, consult with EcoStar Insulation. Our team is more than just a spray foam insulation company. We are also a leading fireproofing company that provides property owners with robust passive fireproofing services that increase building safety. 

Understanding Passive Fireproofing

fireproofing companyPassive fireproofing can involve a variety of techniques and materials that are engineered to slow down or prevent the spread of fire within buildings. When you engage a fireproofing company, we aim to provide crucial time for occupants to evacuate safely and minimize damage to the structure using advanced fireproofing technology. While there are multiple aspects to passive fireproofing, one of the most effective methods is the application of fire-resistant coatings and materials with EcoStar Insulation. 

Here are the leading ways in which fireproofing services increase safety. 

Delaying the Spread of Fire

When a fire breaks out in a building, every second counts for evacuation efforts. Passive fireproofing solutions, such as fire-resistant cementitious coatings and intumescent sprays, create a protective barrier that can delay the spread of fire. The heat-resistant coating stops flames from quickly consuming multiple building materials, increasing the time occupants have to flee the property and giving firefighters and first responders more time to respond effectively. By slowing down the fire's progression, passive fireproofing significantly increases the chances of a safe evacuation and minimizes the risk of the fire engulfing the entire building.

Protect the Structural Integrity of Your Building

The flames itself are not the only safety hazard that fires cause. They can also cause substantial structural damage. During a fire, the heat and flames can weaken integral structural components, increasing the chance of collapse. Passive fireproofing materials slow the fire transfer, delaying the speed at which the structural integrity becomes compromised. 
With passive fireproofing, building materials are better equipped to withstand high temperatures, ensuring that critical load-bearing elements remain intact, even in the presence of fire. When applied skillfully by the trained and experienced technicians at EcoStar Insulation, a trusted fireproofing and spray foam insulation company, you can prevent the potential for collapse, potentially saving lives and protecting your investment. 

Reduce Smoke, Soot, and Toxic Gases

Because passive fireproofing slows and minimizes heat transfer, it also limits the release of harmful smoke and toxic fumes during a fire. Even in the case of a fire, spray-on and fireproofing coatings enable a safer environment for building occupants that reduces future health risks associated with smoke inhalation.

Comply with Building Codes with a Long-Term Building Solution

In Ontario, there are stringent building codes and regulations in place to ensure fire safety. Failure to comply with these codes can lead to legal consequences and liability issues. With the support of EcoStar, a professional and experienced fireproofing company, our technicians will help you ensure that your building meets all the necessary fire safety standards and codes. To get your building up to code and ensure it's safe from fires, contact EcoStar Insulation.     

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