Homeowners Focus on the Need to Insulate Basement Walls Properly

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on October 27, 2017

One of the more ignored areas of residential properties is the basement. Unfinished basements are generally inefficient and can contribute to various energy consumption and air quality issues within the home. Basement insulation is a key component to efficiency and owners must be aware of the importance to insulate basement walls properly. Finished basements are especially troublesome because of the excess humidity that can build up in livable areas and insulation should be checked in those environments as well. Improper and faulty insulation applications in finished basements could severely restrict and impair airflow which could lead to more critical problems such as mold and other air quality issues.

Faulty insulation can be the cause of many home issues

Basement wall insulation plays such a critical role in the overall livability of the residence. Basements that are not finished and have exposed concrete could easily release heated and cooled air from the home dramatically increasing energy consumption and and operational costs. Faulty and improperly installed insulation could create an airflow imbalance inside the home which could lead to air quality and health & safety issues at the property. Homeowners undertaking basement finishing projects must make sure to insulate basement walls properly during renovations to prevent energy consumption issues and air quality management challenges which could lead to larger and more expensive repairs. Creating an airtight barrier between the walls of the basement and outside elements is the most efficient way to control and  maintain airflow within the entire residence.

The right tools and methods to insulate basement walls properly

Basement walls cover the entire perimeter of the home and a complete and proper installation of insulation material is critical for the efficient operation of many aspects of residential homes. Professionals with extensive residential experience understand the many challenges and and solutions to fully insulating basement walls. Contractors will always choose the best quality materials that are appropriate for that specific job. Removing old material is always an essential first step and experienced installers will be able to determine the best way to evacuate old insulation thoroughly and safely. The latest cutting tools means installers can shape insulation material perfectly to fit any type or design of wall ensuring a complete and durable airtight seal. Controlling airflow is the best way to reduce energy costs and maintain air quality.

Professional contractors have the expertise to insulate basement walls properly

Residential basements have their own set of unique challenges and ensuring a complete and proper installation means understanding how to overcome these challenges. Homeowners should consider professional contractors that specialize in residential properties for their next basement wall insulation project. Experience in homes and residential type properties allows installers to choose the right insulation material that will work at that particular property. Professional installers also have a detailed understanding of basement design and will ensure that all spaces between walls will be properly insulated creating a proper seal between inside and outside elements. Contact EcoStar Insulation contractors to get your basement insulated properly at 647-799-3106 or toll-free at 1-866-789- 1536. 

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