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Posted by Ecostar Insulation on January 20, 2021

A well-insulated living space is of the utmost importance when it comes to home upgrades. If you think your monthly utility bills are higher than expected, or if you are facing a problem with leakages and pests – a good layer of insulation is the solution to your problems. 


Benefits of Home Insulation 


  1. Lower energy bills
  2. Sound Proof Properties
  3. Increase Property Value
  4. Pests, Rodents, and Mold Resistant
  5. Reduce Carbon Footprint


Lower energy bills ✔


Among many benefits an Insulation system has to offer, energy-efficiency tops them all. What insulation can do, is seal all gaps and cracks your walls might have, to prevent air from getting into the house and vice versa. With the creation of an air barrier, the cold can not penetrate in the winter and the air heated from HVAC systems will remain inside. The same occurrence happens in summer with the cooled air remaining inside the house. Expect from an insulation system to lower your energy bills from 25% up to 40%. Other factors such as the amount of insulation, the percentage of the area covered with insulation, the materials being used, and the insulation method chosen are in direct proportion with the energy bill reduction percentage. 


Sound Proof Properties ✔


Caustic pollution can be a serious problem, especially in overcrowded areas. Traffic noises, loud neighbors, or a train passing by every once in a while. There is a solution for that! Most of the insulation methods have sound absorption qualities. They are able to reduce noises in between rooms as well as noises coming from outside of the house. By applying Spray Foam directly on the wall, or adding cellulose to gaps and cracks - an efficient sound barrier is created. 


Increase Property Value ✔


An energy efficiency gadget such as home insulation, not only prevents noises and lower your energy bills but also increase the value of your property. Among other home upgrades, insulation systems tend to increase your property value from 3% up to 6%. By insulating your home, you are saving on monthly utility bills, which can be considered as making an investment that will pay for itself throughout the years. From the materials, the insulation method, to the installation process, keep an eye for quality. The better an insulation system is, the sooner it will pay off. 


Pests, Rodents, and Mold Resistant ✔


Many insulation materials like spray foam, cellulose, and fiberglass, are treated with boric acid – the pests and rodents’ number one enemy. Boric acid is a special chemical substance that prevents pests and rodents from approaching your house. The insect repellent barrier is efficient and insulation is recommended to be applied all over the perimeter of the living space. 

Insulation systems are mold resistant too. By decreasing the efforts of condensation, insulation materials prevent mold and moisture from growing to your walls. 


Reduce Carbon Footprint ✔


Last but not least, insulation systems are one of the best practices to fight climate change. A well-insulated living space needs less energy to complete the same tasks such as cooling or heating. The use of energy is essential in the development of the human lifestyle but something needs to be done for the negative impact of energy use. 

Climate change is natures warning to act in a different manner and we can all start from somewhere. From LEDs to solar panels to energy-efficient insulation systems – we can all do something to reduce the carbon footprint today and enjoy the tomorrow.  


FAQ about Home Insulation in Ontario


➔ When is the best time to insulate in Ontario?


The best moment to insulate your attic, home walls, basement, or your entire home is before the winter strikes. The pre-winter time is more advisable to insulate your home as you save on your monthly energy bills. 


➔ Which is the best insulation method?


Here at EcoStar Insulation company, we like to call Spray Foam the best insulation method. Spray Foam is highlighted among other insulation methods due to the high R-Value it has to offer. The higher the R-Value an insulation system has to offer, the lower the monthly energy bills will be.


➔ Does home insulation lower my energy bills?


Different types of insulation systems have different properties to offer but one thing is for sure. All of them guarantee lower monthly energy bills. Batt and cellulose insulation for example can lower your energy bills up to 25%. On the other hand, a well-insulated house with Spray Foam can see energy bills dropping to as much as 40% less. 


➔ Where should I insulate?


There is no such thing as too much insulation so if it is possible, apply insulation all around your living space. The more insulation you apply to your house, the higher the benefits of home insulation will be.  By sealing 100% of your home with insulation, air leakages and heat transfer is no longer a problem. 


➔ Is Spray Foam safe to be used in-house?


Spray Foam is a product made of chemical compounds. For as long as the health and safety regulations (protective gear and proper preparation of installation space to ensure the safety of occupants) are followed by the insulation crew, you should be fine.


➔ What are the benefits of home insulation?


Lower monthly energy bills; getting rid of pests, rodents, and mold as well as creating a soundproof living space, are just some of the benefits of home insulation. Not to forget that home insulation is an added value of your living space which can increase the property value by up to %6.


Why Ecostar?

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