Home Insulation Can Be Both Eco-Efficient And Cost-Efficient

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on May 31, 2017

Although it’s quite new to homeowners, the concept of eco-efficiency is going to get more and more exposure in the coming years. The benefits of eco-efficiency are threefold:  providing homeowner value through new technologies; measurably reducing energy consumption, and diminishing the environmental impact of energy use.

small home insulation eco-efficient reduce energy consumptionEco-efficiency principles are introduced and initiated well before a homeowner is affected on a domestic level. Primary efforts begin with business and industry, and subsequently filter down to residential applications, like home energy initiatives. For example, home insulation can be both eco-efficient and cost-efficient for the homeowner.

Simply put, eco-efficiency applications aim to reduce the consumption of resources, water, and energy. At the same time, every effort is made to generate less waste and therefore less pollution. In the home, eco-efficiency is principally related to domestic energy use, and here, home insulation can be both eco-efficient and cost-efficient.

Any homeowner interested in the well-being of the environment (on any level) will also be interested in many of the aspects associated with eco-efficiency principles.

  • reducing the use of energy, water and virgin resources
  • reducing the levels and volumes of waste and pollution
  • first improving, then extending the lifespan of products
  • considering the recyclability of products after service


On a practical level, eco-efficiency measures are already available to most homeowners across the country. These would include installing energy efficient lighting, purchasing energy efficient appliances; and retrofitting with high-performance insulation.  This is precisely where home insulation can be both eco-efficient and cost-efficient.

Yes - there is a cost to re-installing and retrofitting in order to ensure eco-efficiency. However, the overall dollar savings, both short term and long, provide a relatively short “payback period” on the original investments. Business or residential, new products and new technologies all serve to meet the objectives of becoming eco-efficient.

Spray foam insulation is eco-efficient and cost-efficient

Spray foam insulation is a high performance product, ideal for new construction as well as retrofitting. Comparatively, nothing performs like spray foam, whether it’s installed in the attic, the basement, or inside the exterior walls of the home.

Spray foam is the ultimate multi-purpose application - it seals airtight and provides high R-Value, both of which contribute positively to home energy efficiency. Professionally installed, spray foam allows the HVAC system to simply operate better.

Spray foam insulation is both eco-efficient and cost-efficient. Less energy is consumed in winter and summer, and utility costs overall are noticeably lessened. For an average homeowner, the yearly savings will offset the original installation costs.

Doing It The Right Way With EcoStar Insulation

With spray foam insulation, a professional approach is preferred over the DIY approach. Spray foam compounds require special handling and specific expertise when installing. With EcoStar Insulation, experienced installers ensure an “insulation blanket” with maximum performance.

EcoStar specializes in spray foam insulation, installing quality product, and providing superior installation work. Every project is focused on improving a home’s energy efficiency and making sure that the homeowner is provided with the best return-on-investment for years to come.

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