Hiring an Insulation Contractor Problems: Tips to Avoid Disaster

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on August 10, 2021

It is vital to do your due diligence prior to hiring an insulation contractor. Their job is to provide efficient energy-saving practices that will help you lower your energy bills and enjoy a more comfortable living, working, or storage space. With that said, the insulation contractors you will hire will determine if your insulation project will achieve its expectancies or result in a total failure.


Well, if you made it up here means you are looking for experienced insulation contractors that can help you with the insulation needs of your building. And sometimes, it is not that easy to find qualified insulators. They must be experienced and licensed and they must also offer a warranty about their products and services. Well, you are in the right place, as below you will see tips and questions to ask before hiring an insulation contractor. This way, you are making sure your building insulation will meet the energy-saving standards for decades to come.


Opt for experienced insulation contractors

Years of experience, number of projects, and the type of insulation method your future contractors are specialized in - all these factors help you get a better picture of their level of expertise. You generally want an insulation contractor or company that has at least 6 or more years of experience in the insulation industry. It is enough time for them to have mastered the craft and handle your insulation project successfully. 


Get recommendations and check online reviews

You can start by asking your closest friends and family members to recommend the insulation crews they have previously worked with. And if that is not enough, you can always check the insulator’s online reviews. Back in the day, we didn’t have many ways of knowing if a hotel, restaurant, dentist, and in this case, an insulation contractor was worth it or not. Well, thanks to Google, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor, today you can learn what people are saying about your future insulation contractors before you spend your money on them.


Ask the insulator for a service warranty

An insulation system is a long-term investment whose benefits are meant to be enjoyed for decades. With that said, it would be okay for your insulation contractors to provide a considerable warranty for their service. Keep in mind that there are several issues that can be caused to your insulation system due to a poor installation process. 


For example, when installed by inexperienced insulators fiberglass and cellulose can deteriorate, sag, or settle. To avoid that from happening, opt for qualified insulation contractors and always ask for a service warranty. This way, if there is any issue further down the road, the contractor will fix them without further cost to the building owner. Thank us later!


Choose only licensed insulation contractors

When choosing an insulation contractor it is important to make sure they are licensed in the country they operate. In this case, if you are looking for insulation contractors in Ontario, you should keep an eye open on their licenses, qualifications, and other designations attached to the industry of insulation. Before hiring an insulation contractor in Ontario, you can check if they have the appropriate compulsory certifications at the Ontario College of Trades.


Ask about the insulator’s area of expertise

As you may or may not know already, there are several insulation methods on the market. Fiberglass and cellulose are the two conventional insulation methods that require a lower level of expertise and less equipment than spray foam. Due to this reason, ask your insulation contractors if they have worked before with the insulation method you have chosen to prove if they qualify or not. 


Less is sometimes more

As they say, if the price is too good to be true, it probably is not. When an insulation crew seems relatively cheaper than others this can be a red flag that deserves more attention. What you have to do is to make sure they are experienced enough to successfully complete the job. Keep in mind that a bad insulator would fix no problem and even worsen things more. 


Ask if the insulation crew can provide references

This can be a very apt question considering that you are putting your hard-earned money in the hands of an unknown person. An ideal insulation contractor would come prepared with accomplishments and references that would help you make a decision and create a better picture of their work. Ask your insulators to show some of their previous projects and learn a thing or two about the way they work.


In Final Words

The bottom line: An inexperienced insulation crew will do nothing but worsen things more. Keep in mind that there are several issues an insulation system can show. Air leakages, deterioration, and mold growing on your building walls, are only some of the issues that come as a result of a poor installation process. As a homeowner, you can do a favor to yourself and choose a professional insulation company in the first place. This way, you can enjoy the multiple benefits of insulation for as long as your building lasts.


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