Guide to Choosing the Best Insulation Options for Your Property

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on February 21, 2024

The most trusted Insulation company in Toronto, EcoStar Insulation, understands that utilizing spray foam insulation is the optimal approach to safeguarding residences against harsh winter temperatures. Like other insulation types, it significantly diminishes heating and cooling expenses, rendering it a financially smart choice over time. A single application of spray foam can enhance efficiency for the entire household. Its benefits include airtight sealing, high R-values, and fortifying building structures, among many others. By improving your home's structural integrity, spray foam prevents wall studs from shifting once applied.

How Spray Foam Insulation Protects

Guide to Choosing the Best Insulation Options for Your PropertySpray foam insulation surpasses other insulation options, such as Rockwool insulation, by offering both water-tight and air-tight features. It is composed of liquid chemicals, typically blended on-site, which react and expand upon spraying, forming a dense insulating layer. Once this layer solidifies, it maintains its shape effectively, preventing air leakage and safeguarding your home. This insulation and sealing not only establish the basis for controlling indoor environments and enhancing comfort but also contribute to indoor air quality. Recent legislation has prompted advancements in spray foam insulation, particularly in the use of environmentally friendly "blowing agents."

Identification of Water Damage Risks

Water damage may result from evident sources like a burst pipe or severe weather conditions. However, more commonly, it stems from concealed water leaks. Over time, even small drips within your home can lead to significant structural problems. Neglecting signs of water damage can turn water damage restoration into a costly ordeal. Beyond structural harm, water leaks can swiftly foster mold growth, posing health risks down the line. Hence, immediate identification of water damage is crucial, protecting your home from potential harm and sparing you from the expenses of water damage cleanup. Contact the best insulation company in Toronto, EcoStar Insulation, for regular inspections and advice.

Preparation for Spray Foam Insulation

At EcoStar Insulation, we collaborate with our clients to determine which parts of the home require access and inform them about the materials they should prepare. Some of the areas where we typically install spray foam insulation include:

  • Attics
  • Crawl spaces
  • Garages

Please be aware that while we strive to work efficiently without disrupting your daily activities, our team will need clear driveways, hallways, and stairwells to access the designated spaces effectively with our equipment.

Prepare the Area

We kindly request that all rooms be cleared of items as much as possible. This allows our teams more room to work and ensures that your belongings remain clean and free of spray foam.

Locate Electrical Outlets

Our team will assist in identifying all electrical outlets in the designated area for spray foam insulation. However, we appreciate homeowners helping to pinpoint any hard-to-find outlets. This ensures that each outlet is properly secured with spray foam while avoiding complete coverage.

Address Air Leaks

While spray foam insulation naturally serves as an air barrier, sealing off all the small gaps and spaces, we ask that larger air leaks be addressed before the installation of spray foam. If you have any questions about a particular area, please don't hesitate to consult with your spray foam expert!

Installation of Spray Foam Insulation

The optimal method for insulating involves utilizing spray foam insulation to fill the voids between the framing studs in both the walls and attic spaces.

Here's a guide on insulating a sizable area with spray foam insulation:

Start by conducting a trial spray. This substance expands roughly 100 times its original volume, so perform the test cautiously until you grasp its expansion behaviour. Keep in mind: Closed-cell spray foam needs to be applied to a thickness of one to two inches to achieve the desired R-value.

Spray the foam evenly between the studs and onto the backside of the exterior sheathing, allowing it to expand and fill all gaps.

Permit the foam to set and solidify.

Trim off any excess foam that protrudes past the studs. Employing a handsaw or blade, eliminate any raised foam to ensure it is level with the studs. Excess foam left untrimmed can impede drywall installation as it does not compress. However, we recommend hiring a professional to get the job done correctly and safely.

Hire The Professionals

During installation, our team of experts at EcoStar Insulation prioritizes thorough craftsmanship throughout the entire process. With EcoStar Insulation, the application of spray insulation becomes a streamlined and satisfying experience. We meticulously apply the spray into the building envelope, ensuring thorough sealing and protection, even on the smallest and most irregular of surfaces. We prioritize customer satisfaction by considering both budget constraints and project timelines. For your next spray foam insulation endeavour, entrust EcoStar Insulation and partner with the most experienced insulation contractors in Toronto.

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