Why are my electric bills so high in the summer?

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on August 30, 2021

There are several reasons why this summer you might be experiencing higher than usual electric bills. And they have to do with the functionality of your AC unit; there might be a sufficient amount of insulation, and/or your doors and windows need to be draft-proof. Either way, one of these reasons is most likely causing your electric bills to be higher than usual. It is important to address a solution to these issues and make your living, working, or storage space energy efficient once again. Assuming that the price of electricity is not increased and the electric bill is accurate - below you will find the reasons that might be causing higher than usual energy bills. 

Reasons why your electric bills are higher than usual in the summer months

There is Insufficient Insulation in your Building


Signs this is the issue: 


  • Higher than usual energy bills 

  • Pest and animal infestation 

  • Presence of mold on your walls

  • Temperature fluctuations


You may be dealing with an insufficient amount of insulation in your living or working space. Insulation is essential as it makes an effective air barrier that keeps the warm air out in the summer months and the cold air inside; and vice versa in the winter. In the end, your air conditioner doesn't need to over and over cool the air as it stays inside your building walls. 


Nonetheless, there are a few reasons that may cause your insulation system not to act as expected and permit air to leak through walls. A little however huge misstep may have been done during the installation process, or an animal may have compromised the protection layer, or your insulation is old and it is about time for an upgrade.

Either way, if you spot one of the signs below, it is time to ask for help from a professional insulation contractor to handle the issue properly.


Your AC Unit is not working efficiently 


With temperatures outside skyrocketing, the only solution we can find to keep ourselves comfortable indoors is by using air conditioners. But if there is an issue with your air conditioning unit, it might be the reason why you are paying higher electric bills. See, your AC might not be the correct size, it might have a maintenance issue, or the airflow in your AC is restricted. Below you will see the signs and how to fix these issues.


Signs that your AC is not the correct size:


  • Your home doesn’t reach thermostat temperature

  • The evaporator coil is frozen

  • You have a new AC unit


Advice: Air conditioners are not one-size-fits-all. With that said, it is important to consult with your retailer before making a purchasing decision. Typically, there is a certain AC unit size for various spaces. A 1000 square feet space, for example, requires a one-ton AC unit; and a 2000 square foot space may need a 2.0 - 2.5 ton AC unit. 


Signs that your AC has maintenance issues:


  • Visual dirt on the evaporator coil

  • Dirty air filter


Advice: By regularly maintaining your air conditioner, you are helping the gadget be more energy efficient and increasing its lifespan significantly. See, a dirty air filter can add from 10 up to 15% to your electricity bills and you can avoid that from happening by simply swapping the filters at least every three months. Compared with the price of fixing the coil or buying a new air conditioner, the filter replacement cost is minimal. 


Signs that the airflow in your AC is restricted:


  • Closed or blocked vents

  • Dirty air filter

  • Frozen evaporator coil 

  • Bad blower motor


Advice: An object might be blocking the blower of your AC from supplying your living space with the cool air it necessitates. If that is happening, it is causing you money. To fix the issue, you can start by changing the air filter if it is dirty, open the supply vents, and make sure no return grilles are being blocked by drapes, furniture, or curtains. 


Your doors and windows need to be insulated 

Whether it be a new home or a century-old one, there will always be a draft. However, as a homeowner, you can make an effort and draft-proof your windows and doors by yourself. Eventually, you will be improving the energy efficiency of your home, lowering your monthly electric bills by at least 10%. As you can see, every attempt taken towards preventing airflow is worthy and makes economic sense. You can do so by re-caulking your doors and windows, installing new door sweeps, and applying weatherstripping to efficiently seal drafty doors and windows.

Bonus Section - Insulate your house before the winter strikes

As experts in energy saving solutions, we can not stress enough how important it is for your building to have a decent insulation system. Here at EcoStar, we recommend insulating your living, working, or storage space to eventually enjoy its multiple benefits. With the proper installation, an insulation system can decrease your monthly energy bills by up to 40%, as well as improve the quality of living indoors significantly. 


Insulation, as a thermal barrier, helps to keep the desired temperature indoors all year round, protecting your house from excess heat in summer and cold in winter. Ready to get started?  Feel free to contact us and let one of our professionals have an energy audit of your building.


Why EcoStar?

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