Does spray foam insulation lose R-value?

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on April 20, 2021

If you made it up here means you are looking to find out if spray foam insulation loses its R-Value. Being straightforward with you fellow Ontarian homeowners, the answer is no. Spray foam insulation does not lose its R-value. Rest assured as the material is considered to be one of the most effective insulation methods when it comes to energy efficiency. Spray foam insulation has a high R-Value that is retained with the passing of years. 

If installed by a professional insulation crew and with little to no maintenance at all, spray foam insulation can retain its properties for as long as your building stands. And not to forget about other benefits and properties that simply make spray foam insulation surpass its competitors like cellulose or fiberglass insulation. Read about spray foam insulation benefits and more, after taking a look at the spray foam insulation lifespan. 

Spray Foam Insulation Lifespan

Spray Foam, also known as polyurethane foam, is an insulation method used to keep homes and buildings warm in the winter and cool in summer. By applying spray foam insulation on your home walls, attic, floor, ceiling, garage, and other spaces of your building, you are making a significant upgrade towards your building energy efficiency plan. 

To come up with an effective insulation system that will last for ages is not easy though. It is not rocket science either, however, some fundamental but important guidelines need to be followed by all insulation crews. As set as a requirement by the Ontario Building Code, the home insulation process needs to be compliant with safety and health policy and energy efficiency regulations. For as long as these rules are followed, you should be okay and your home insulation too. 

About the spray foam insulation lifespan: The material does not deteriorate, sag, or settle. Due to its strong chemical bonding, the material produces a powerful barrier with virtually no air infiltration. As for spray foam insulation longevity, the estimated lifespan of this insulation method is around 100 years. 

Spray Foam Insulation R-Value

A high R-Value is of utmost importance as it is a direct indicator of the potential an insulation system has in preventing air leakage or heat transfer. In terms of energy efficiency, spray foam is the best possible choice you will find on the insulation market. When compared with other insulation methods like fiberglass or cellulose insulation, spray foam has a much higher R-Value. It goes from R-3.4 up to R-6.7 per inch of thickness, followed by cellulose insulation with an R-Value of R-3.5 per inch, and fiberglass insulation with R-2.2 up to R-2.7 per inch. 


Understandably, the higher the R-value, the lower is the change of heat flowing on your wall gaps and cracks. With that said, spray foam insulation can decrease your monthly energy bills by up to 40%. The percentage is prone to changes from house to house as other factors are taken under consideration. The quantity of material being used, the experience of the insulation crew, and the condition of your home walls perimeter also dictate the well functioning of an insulation system.

Spray Foam Insulation Properties

High R-Value ✔

As previously mentioned above, the reason why homeowners and insulation companies find spray foam insulation as the best method that improves energy efficiency is due to its high R-Value. When spray foam is compared to other insulation methods, it can surpass its competitors and bring value to your building. It is the main reason for choosing spray foam as the high R-Value will eventually result in lower energy bills. By sealing all gaps and cracks on your home walls, spray foam creates an effective air barrier that also increases the quality of living indoors. 

Retains its Properties ✔

Spray foam insulation does not deteriorate, sag, or settle. These three negative occurrences are sadly seen on cellulose and fiberglass insulation materials. If you have already insulated your building with cellulose or fiberglass expect within the first 15 to 20 years to come across several issues like mold growth, pest invasion, or old insulation drifting and settling. These insulation problems will later result in high maintenance costs and energy bills skyrocketing. To avoid those problems from happening, choose spray foam in the first place. Spray foam insulation is a one-time job that your building inherits forever. 

Effective Sound Barrier ✔

Another good reason to consider spray foam for your home insulation project is its soundproof properties. Whether you live in a busy area, want to get rid of noisy neighbors, or simply want to create a more quiet living space for you and your family, spray foam is the way to go. 

The secret lies in the installation model. Polyurethane foam is applied directly to your home walls, which will expand by up to 30-60 times the volume of its initial state when interacting with oxygen. With that said, all gaps and cracks on your home walls will be sealed, creating eventually a noise barrier that will isolate sound coming from outside the building and in between rooms and levels. 

Pests & Rodents no. 1 Enemy ✔

As with the majority of insulation materials, spray foam is treated with boric acid. It is a safe and chemical substance that will keep the tiny intruders away from your living, working, and storage space. Boric acid is also found on cellulose and fiberglass insulation in order to create an insect repellent barrier. If by chance you are facing problems with pests and rodents, your insulation system might have been corrupted for various reasons and is allowing the unwelcome guests to find a way in. 


Improves Comfort ✔

Now that you know that spray foam insulation can lower your energy bills by up to 40%, help create a quiet living space for your family, and keep away the tiny intruders, you do understand the value of it. Moreover, spray foam insulation increases comfort by deterring moisture and mold from being created on your home walls. Simply by decreasing the efforts of condensation, spray foam insulation helps to keep your home walls clean from mold and moisture. 

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