Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Posted by Ecostar Insulation on September 10, 2021

Closed cell foam, 2-pound foam, or medium density foam - Is a popular insulation method suitable for retrofits, renovations, and new builds. The application also serves as an air and vapor barrier. It is one of the most efficient insulating methods commercially available and has an R Value 6 per inch and above. 

Welcome, we are EcoStar Spray Foam Insulation Company! As an industry leader in spray foam insulation,  we strive to raise the bar in energy efficient practices in Ontario and the suburban communities.


As part of our continued efforts to educate Ontarian homeowners who want to learn more about spray foam insulation and best energy-efficient practices for their buildings, today we will look at closed cell spray foam insulation, its benefits, how it works, plus a lot more. 

Now back to the topic… Why is it called closed cell foam?

The designation “closed-cell”, comes from the structure of the cell of the finished insulation material. Polyurethane foam is made of plastic closed cells, filled with non-ozone depleting blowing agent. 


This blowing agent is captured within the cells, creating this way, insulating properties. This process makes a closed cell an inherent air barrier, with unmatched resistance to water, and a low moisture vapor permeability. In addition, a closed cell has a density of approx. two pounds per cubic foot. Thanks to the medium density foam,  notable and racking strength is brought to building structures when sprayed in walls. 

Energy savings of up to 45%

Closed cell foam and a professional insulation crew is all you need to enjoy the insulating benefits for decades to come. Gaps, cracks, holes, and other small imperfections in the building envelope will eventually lead to a poor building performance. With that we mean allergen/pathogen growth, moisture accumulation, and worse, structural failure. The sealing capabilities of closed cell foam prevent moisture-driven elements. With closed cell spray foam you can significantly minimise air leakages, temperature fluctuations, and control solar driven moisture indoors. 


That said, after a successful installation process, you can expect a decrease in electric bills by up to 45%. How does it happen? The concept is simple. By sealing all gaps and cracks on your walls, from the basement to the attic, closed cell spray foam creates an energy-efficient living, working, or storage space by reducing air leakages. The latter contributes to higher energy bills as HVAC systems have to spend more energy on heating the air again and again in the winter, and cooling in the summer months. 

Other benefits of closed cell spray foam

Aside from creating an energy efficient air seal, closed cell spray foam benefits are broader. 


  • Due to its durability, closed cell foam can take a beating when left exposed without compromising its qualities. 

  • Because of its lower expansion rate, closed cell spray foam is a great fit for vans, tiny homes, and appliances where saving space is important. 

  • As mentioned, a closed cell does not allow moisture to move through it as it does not retain water. 

  • And not to forget that closed cell foam does not promote or sustain the growth of mold and mildew. 


Where is closed cell spray foam insulation used?


Gaining popularity in recent years thanks to its superpowers, closed cell foam is widely used in crawl spaces, vans, existing homes, attics, rim joists, pole barns, and new construction. In addition, it is most suitable for pole barns, vans, and commercial buildings too. 


What is the difference between closed cell foam and open cell foam?

Here at EcoStar Insulation Company, we provide two types of spray foam insulation services. Closed cell foam and open cell foam. The name derives from the installation setting. 

Now they both have their similarities and differences but one thing they are characterized by is high insulation capabilities. Open cell foam is best used for interior applications like basement walls, wall cavities, attics, and crawl spaces. On the other hand, closed cell foam, a more durable and rigid material, is used in exterior applications.


Open Cell


  • Cheaper than closed cell foam

  • R-Value -  R-3.5 per inch of thickness

  • Density - 0.5 pounds per cubic foot

  • Doesn’t promote mold

  • Sound dampening qualities

  • Best for interior applications

Closed Cell

  • More expensive than open cell foam

  • R-Value - R-6.5 per inch of thickness

  • Density - +1.75 pounds per cubic foot

  • Marvelously limits air leakages

  • Highly durable and water-resistant

  • Best for exterior applications 

Closed cell foam is built to resist as long as your building can. Since it can withstand bulk water, this tough-built spray foam insulation type performs great in flood-prone areas. That said, it is great for any insulation project where you plan to leave the material exposed. The closed cell also provides an air seal and continuous insulation.

Closed cell spray foam insulation - The installation process

As soon as you receive an estimate from us, the installation process is ready to start. For commercial buildings, vans, or houses, the overall installation process is somewhat the same. 

When closed cell foam has to be installed in a structure with existing traditional insulation like cellulose or fiberglass, the previous insulation has to be removed first. 

After insulation removal, there will be some prep work that includes moving out or covering in plastic the surrounding objects to prevent foam from contacting them. Windows, doors, the floor, should also be covered to ensure the foam doesn’t get on them. 

When the prep work is done, the insulation crew will run a hose to the space to be protected. They will then, at that point, suit up and start spraying the area. 

After finishing, the crew cleans up the workspace to make it look just like it did before the project started. 

Why EcoStar?

EcoStar Insulation Company is proud to be serving the Greater Toronto Area and the suburban communities with insulation products and services of the highest quality since 2008. In our box of services, you will find open and closed cell foam as some of the best and most practical solutions for your energy efficiency projects. Whether it be a small or big project, peak or slow season, our team of professionals is happy to serve every client at the highest standard of workmanship. Have an insulation project? Simply let us know when you are ready to get started! Contact us to get an estimate!


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